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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Wind of Change

I don’t want to jinx us but I think Spring has finally arrived and with it a feeling of renewal.  This week was all about celebrating.  What you ask? Well me of course!  I celebrated a Birthday. It as a weird one this year.  Well it seems most of my Birthdays end up being a made […]

Celebrate Who You Are

Another Birthday is upon me.  It’s so strange when I think how amazingly quick the years roll by.  Look at my blog for example.  I have been writing this thing since 2010. 2010! It’s seems like a lifetime ago.  It’s only four years but so much has changed in my life. I met my partner […]

Celebrate the Spring Equinox!!

Considering the length of Winter I feel it only fitting to give Spring the biggest shout out as possible!  It’s hard to believe she’s here! It feels like a thousand years since the first snow way back in November.  I am normally a fan of all the seasons but I’m sure you will agree with me […]

Oh Paris on Yonge

Life is hectic! I don’t care how you try to swing it.  You can meditate all you like.  When push comes to shove, life is an endless parade of compromises and long work days.  However, once in a while you stumble upon a little spot in the world that massages your tired weathered soul and […]

She took me down!

Well Happy International Woman’s Day!  Of course today is not actually the day but who’s counting?  It was Yesterday March 8th.  I spent it at my “shop around the corner” which has it, specializes in the happiness of women.  Actually for most of my retail career I have worked in the women’s division of almost […]

Everything’s Coming Up Ellen!

With my foot on the mend my pose and I got all dressed up and made reservations for a cozy fireplace mingle in the heart of the village at O’Grady’s pub for their annual Oscar party. I attended last year and with red carpet in toe decided to head out into this Winter hell and celebrate along […]