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Monthly Archives: May 2014

and 2!!!!

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3 days to go!



4 DAYS and counting! Bruce in the City “the blog” will be back JUNE 1st! Can’t wait to see you all here!!! B.I.T.C

Bruce in the City

See you soon! B.I.T.C  

2 Weeks Notice

Bruce in the City…. In just 14 days!!!! What has Bruce been up to? You will just have to wait and read! B.I.T.C Shout out to, Mary Ellen, Stephanie, Ron, John, Jeff, Bill and all of my readers!!! I’ll see you soon!


I woke up this morning to cloud cover and hints of last night’s thunder rumble, but all the same I knew today was going to be an adventure! I couldn’t contain the excitement surrounding me, knowing the latest Michael Jackson album had been released at midnight the night before and it was downloading into my iTunes as […]

It’s Time to Xscape

Check it out…. Bruce comes back early from his xscape to give his song by song critique of Michael Jackson’s latest work…. XSCAPE!!!!! TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t you even think of missing this! B.I.T.C!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Wait is Almost Over!!!

May the Fourth be with You…… B.I.T.C Bruce in the City is back JUNE 1st! Stay Tuned!