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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Proud & Fabulous!

I have to tell you. I have been having a blast lately preparing my weekly blog for you. My Twitter account is finally growing and I’m being followed by Jann Arden!! Craziness! Loving the new cd Jann! As I promised I have been instagramming my face off and Twittering and all that jazz and at […]

Unleash Your Pride!

With Pride just around the corner, I think it only fitting to talk about a topic top of mind; Meat!  It’s so easy to go to that cheep place where gay stereotypes rule the school, but the truth is there will be a lot of meat to be had during Pride! Why you ask? Simply because of the fabulous […]

Prepping for Pride

Ok boys (and girls to) it’s time! Shave those pits and legs and get out your most fabulous wigs! I won’t be indulging but for those who do it’s rather incredible.  Ever see Pricilla? Or To Wong Fu? Well right here in the heart of Toronto the city has some of the best Drag Queens […]

Hi’s and Lows!

I had the most incredibly odd week.Of course, I’m so happy to be writing again after my little break.  I have been enjoying my latest “Bruce’s Book Club” choice, ‘Brunette Ambition’ by Lea Michelle. I hope you all have your copy! I’m also looking forward to giving away my little prize from Chapters/Indigo, so get […]

Ambitious Brunette!

Here we go! Go out and grab yourself or download your digital copy of…. Brunette Ambition! by Lea Michelle It is my book club choice for June! I think you will find this read an enlightening and inspiring gem. Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes and ages. Enjoy! B.I.T.C! Post your book ideas for […]

Contest Time!!!

I love giving stuff away! What can I say I’m a giver! Just post your book suggestions over the month of June. Either on my blog or my Twitter account or my Facebook page!!! It’s easy just do it. If I pick your book you could win a gift card to my favourite bookstore! INDIGO!!!! […]

Mark Your Calendars!

“Bruce’s Book Club” Is back! First Tuesday of the Month!! Come to Bruce’s Blog this Tuesday for his latest book club choice! “The more you read. The closer to freedom you become!” B. What’s Hot!!! “Bruce’s Book Club” Watch for a cool contest for June! All you have to do is tell me what to […]

Hello, I love You.

Hey! Welcome back everyone! It’s so great to be blogging again. Doing, really what I do best, talk about myself! I have had a few weeks off to shake the Winter blues away and now I’m ready to face the day again and just share all my intimate thoughts and moments with you, my dedicated readers and […]

Blast off!!!

The big day has arrived!!!! Bruce in the City is back…. https://bwcmanagement.com/wp-login.php?action=register Register now for email updates and contests!!!! B.I.T.C