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Monthly Archives: July 2014

The Woman Factor

I was watching a few interviews that actor Kim Cattrall had done this past week to promote her latest work “Sensitive Skin” on HBO Canada. It’s about a 50 something woman who has lost her identity and confidence because of a long exhausting marriage and issues with aging.  I tuned in. I’ve been a fan […]

Bookstore Strollin!

Hello readers! I’ve been enjoying “To Kill a Mocking Bird” and I am checking out the latest books to see what I feel like reading next! Of course I pay a visit to BMV on Yonge St north. It’s a great place for the Adult reader.  Although they do have some used children’s books to. […]

Pass the Sushi Sister!

No matter how life has kicked you in the ass, you must get up, dust yourself off and go to your most favourite hideaway and gorge on your favourite and most sinful of foods. Pizza use to be my go to food when I wanted to binge and wipe away all the bullshit that is […]

Eat, Drink and be Mary Ellen!

A quick shout out to Lauren Messervey for being my guest Editor over the Summer! Outstanding! Speaking of outstanding! A devout reader mentioned that she would love to edit for me because she reads my blog every Monday as a form of “Therapy” and so why not? We exchanged texts and within moments I had my […]


This Sunday on B.I.T.C find out where my “Taco Time” is (Will and Grace) and What is my alias? https://t.co/No27AuqCXd  

Litha Summers Song

One of my favourite things to do is to celebrate the seasons.  There are so many amazing ways to take the time to enjoy the changing of the seasonal guard.  The one celebration I love the most is the Sabbat of “Litha”; also known as the Summer Solstice.  It takes place on June 21st and it […]

Bruce’s Book Club!

Hey everyone! I hope you all enjoyed Lea Michelle’s book “Brunette Ambition” (now a New York Times best seller). I really liked it. There was a lot of info I could not use mind you; mostly regarding lipstick and make, up but generally it was a good read for anyone that needs a reminder that […]