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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Basking in Robbins!

I woke today and almost found the frost perched on the town (Ode to Joni)!  Thank God that wasn’t quite the case.  For the second last week of August it sure has been cool.  It hasn’t been an overly hot summer at all has it?  Not that I’m complaining, but after that unusually cold and […]

R.I.P Robin Williams

Never underestimate the power of laughter. Never underestimate that the ones who are making us laugh are often in the deepest of personal pain. The world lost an incredibly generous person. A man who brought down the house with his moment to moment humour. When my partner interrupted my phone call to tell me what […]

548 Danforth Avenue

Every year at about this time the Danforth plays host to an amazing cultural event!  Taste of the Danforth!  People come from all over the globe to enjoy the tastes of Greek culture and to bask in the arts and craft of this ancient culture and civilization.  I go to cruise the hot Greek Gods!  […]

Jammin Jann (special report)

I never do a blog on a Thursday but an artist I admire seems to be getting some backlash for having an opinion. Twitter is all a buzz tonight as a radio station out in Calgary wants Jann Arden’s music banned from the radio because she has been using her voice today for more than […]

Bruce’s Book Club

Hey “Brucesters”!  It’s time to flip open a new book or with some of you younger followers it’s time to download your new read! I have no idea how that works! I’m sure I will eventually move forward on that one. I mean Oprah is into it. I need to catch up but until then […]

Marvellous Murdoch! (Returns Oct 6th on CBC)

I can’t believe I’ve called Toronto my home for 9 years now. Wow time flies! It’s been a crazy time and not what I expected really.  You always hear about how a big city is not for everyone and now that I have lived it, I can say I fully understand.  I’m a big city […]