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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Mad about the Mad Hatters Band!

What a fabulous Sunday!  The last of September.  What a stunning week we have had!  The weather has been wonderful.  The perfect of weeks to make a trip up north.  I usually have a chance to go north at least twice during the summer to Buck Lake but with the summer I’ve had, it just never […]

Bite & Sip

Happy Autumn Everyone!!! The one great thing about my city is all the great biting that’s going on!  I mean honestly, on almost every corner of this fascinating city is a pit stop of pleasure for the mouth.  There are too many to talk about on my blog but one has jumped out and bit me […]

Taste this…

Hey gang!!  Just when I think I’ve tried almost every retail career possible, something very special has opened up to me.  I am big on Karma and even when you get your licks you always have to remain positive and open to what life may present to you. While I was enjoying the “Taste of […]

Grow Up!

Didn’t we laugh? All we did was laugh. That season couldn’t last forever. Didn’t our stomachs ache because of the crazy things you said? You said everything. Then the cold wind came didn’t it? You were so young. You wanted so much to be out there. Doing it. Were you ready? The strength you had. […]

B.I.T.C’s Book Club

Can you believe it’s September already?  I swear to God I just shovelled my last sidewalk just a few short weeks ago.  Is this really fair?  I don’t think the summer is near long enough.  It’s like foreplay that never goes anywhere.  It didn’t even really get that hot out.  Cleary there are a lot worse things going […]

Happy Labour Day

Hey readers! Thought I would take a break from my blog this weekend to enjoy the long weekend!! I hope you all have a safe and fabulous Labour Day!! See you Tuesday for Bruce’s Book Club! I hope you enjoyed Sense and Sensibility as much as I did! I can’t believe it’s September! B.I.T.C