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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Trick or Treat!

From Bruce in the City.. Have a spooktacular Halloween!! xo Bruce

A Hopeful Corner

I was a guest at an event recently.  I wish you could have come.  In a city like Toronto it can seem easy to slip into Sinicism. It’s a great city but sometimes the human atmosphere can come off a little chilly. It was during such a week I received a call from a business acquaintance to attend […]

Lovin Pat!

It’s not often I mention a person by name on my blog when chatting about a pub or shop I have visited, but in this case it just wouldn’t be right not to name this amazing person!  Ladies and Gents meet Pat! She works at a very well known pub in the heart of Toronto […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

What an outstanding time of year in Toronto.  The Don Valley is a spectacle of colour and worth a glimpse.  Every year John and I take our annual walk the Don Valley trail jaunt to take in the amazing colours of nature before it disappears for another year. It’s pretty amazing and the perfect excuse […]

Bruce’s Book Club

Wasn’t “Pride and Prejudice” wonderful?  What an incredible writer “Jane Austen” was!  To whirl those words like old acquaintances is just outstanding to me.  I hope you liked it as much as I did! The next book in our Jane Austen series is non other than “Mansfield Park” written in 1814.  Wow 200 years ago!  […]

Just South of Bloor

Just because Summer has gone out with the man short shorts doesn’t mean you gotta pack up that BBQ just yet!  Nice grab line eh?  Well I found a vintage little deli just south of Bloor at Bathurst that will keep you in that feeling good summer mood!  I think it is, and will be, […]