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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Pub it!

I love it!  This city has so many pubs.  It’s not really on my bucket list to visit them all but I think I’m doing pretty well.  As I go back through my blogs I am surprised just how many pubs I’ve visited.  There is truly something welcoming when it comes to pubs.  Unlike clubs, […]

The Court Jester!

One more week until Advent begins and so I think it is only fitting to find myself a fabulous salon for some hair love.  It’s honestly been a while since I have gone anywhere impressive when it comes to my hair. However I got lucky. A hair stylist came into my place of business and […]

Skipping out on Santa!

I know the Christmas season has begun in Toronto when I can see the river of cars rolling down the DVP into the downtown core.  They are all on their merry way to the 110th celebration of the Santa Claus parade.  Well as much as I love a good parade, this year I am taking my […]

“The Joy of Murdoch” 100th episode

Captivating!  Titillating!  Thrilling!  Heart Warming!  Relevant!  Just a few words to describe myself.  Oops, no, no, I mean “Murdoch Mysteries”.  This past Monday the series celebrated it’s 100th episode in style with a special gala at CBC headquarters in Toronto.  Being an independent blogger I was not privy to a backstage pass but being Bruce in the […]

Bruce News!!

Check out Bruce in the City this Sunday for a special tribute to Murdoch Mysteries 100th episode! Everything’s coming up Murdoch!

Bruce’s Book Club

Can you believe it’s November?  It is just nuts how the year is flying by.  When I started my book club again I decided to work my way through the Jane Austen novels and to be honest it seemed like a daunting task. Here I am now beginning Jane’s fourth novel and I couldn’t be more excited. […]

No Mystery!

Bruce in the City heads to the 100th episode of the highly acclaimed series Murdoch Mysteries!! Tonight @ CBC headquarters! Stay tuned for This coming Sundays blog!!! “It’s no Mystery I’m a big fan!” Bruce in the City!

All a “Glow”

As promised here is my one on one with Alexandra Moore-Gibson of Honey & Glow.  She was part of a wonderful event that was held at the Royal York Toronto!  I was so impressed I just had to know more!  B.I.T.C “Hey Alexandra, amazing to get to chat with you today.  Please tell me about […]