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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Isn’t it I Deal?

I’m always chasing relaxation!  It’s true.  I have realized that it is what I desire most and get the least of.  It’s not easy getting relaxation. “No!” John spouts. “What?”  I ask interrupted in thought. “Wait. I’m figuring it out.” He replies.” “Can you interrupt me once you know what you want to say?” I’m […]

Cop A Squat

Yes, bring on the January thaw!  What better way to do that but to call up some buddies and find a quaint café to enjoy some lunch and then take in a good movie.  But who was I to call?  Spending time with friends is a complicated matter.  Especially when investigating a new place to cop a squat.  Some […]

Merlot Meltdown

I never thought it would happen to me!  I always take great care of the ones that mean the most to me!  If anything is needed; a cleaning, an upgrade, I’m there!  But I got sloppy people!  I was in a rush as usual and I thought I would grab my things and get out […]

Bruce’s Book Club!

Well it’s starting to feel like the year is underway and with it comes my book club! To be honest I would really like to get a little book club going with some people in person. I think it could be relaxing and mind expanding. Until I explore that possibility I am happy to continue […]

The Life You Lead (by Mary Ellen Monk)

“A guest blog… not exactly the words that I thought I would see when I opened my email this morning to edit Bruce in the City-the blog.  But here it goes.” Mary Ellen. I am a busy mom of two young boys.  And I know a lot of us are “busy moms” but I often […]


Happy New Year! from BRUCE IN THE CITY! See you Jan 4th 2015!