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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Oh Sheila!

After I finished up at the record store and the cheese place it was time to make my way home.  I had a great time but I was feeling a little tired and in need of some r and r. I stood on the corner of Broadview and Danforth in a daze.  I was thinking about […]

Put on the Vinyl

The sun feels so great, finally warming up just a bit to tempt the idea of spring.  Spring of course, arrived a few days ago.  Not soon enough!  I love all of the seasons except for winter.  Of that, I am not a fan. This year I promise to get outside, weather permitting.  Last summer […]

The Danforth “Strip”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! As you guys know from last Sunday I took the week off from work.  I had planned to go to my favourite farm “Fiddlehead” (Find the link along the right column) but because of this terrible stomach flu I came down with I decided to stay close to home. I did […]

Join the fun…

Hey Brucesters! Join me on Twitter for daily tweets and chit chat! https://twitter.com/BruceintheCity B.I.T.C (Bruce in the City)  

Bruce News!

Former C.N.E Rising Star Grand Champion Bruce W. Christopher  is currently booking for Fall 2015!! please click the link in blog roll for contact info! http://www.brucewchristopher.com/

I’m on Vacation Brucesters!

I’m on vacation Brucesters!  It seriously seems like forever since I have had a holiday.  I am always on the go.  I can’t believe that another birthday is upon me to. Those come around a lot faster than they used to. I remember the really fun parties my Mom and Pops would put together for me […]

Bruce’s Book Club

I really hope you got to read my last book club pick. It was Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult. She always delivers and I’m sure if you picked it up you would not have been disappointed. What a twist of a tale. I loved it. I’ve decided the next book I am going to enjoy […]


As John and  I got ready for our big evening out we couldn’t help but notice the time stamped on our ticket, 2 p.m. What the freak?  We had just called for a cab and it was the first time we realized we missed the show by 3 hours. It was a nightmare.  We failed […]