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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Get Your Funk On!

This Sunday!!!! Bruce in the City checks out Canada’s Latest Jam! “Super Funk Band of Awesome” www.peterboroughlive.ca B.I.T.C  

Follow the yellow brick road…

Screw that follow me instead! ON TWITTER!! https://twitter.com/BruceintheCity B.I.T.C  

Irreverent Meat

Holy Mother!  I’m always hungry.  Imagine the money we could save if we didn’t have to eat!  I see the twenties disappearing from my blue leather wallet daily.  I love to eat, hello, but God this city is a pricey plate. There is one place were paying a fraction more can make all the difference, […]

Dame Good Time

Just an absolutely brilliant performance!  That’s really the only way to begin this week’s blog.  John and I got tickets (with another couple) to see Dame Edna and though we had seen video and You Tube footage, one could not begin to understand how incredibly talented this entertainer is. We arrived at Il Fornellos before […]

Happy Easter!

I just wanted to wish all my readers a very Happy Easter! I will see you all back here next week for my latest blog! Be well and Many Blessings! Bruce in the City!!