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Monthly Archives: May 2015

A Little Bodacious

Bold, Rich, Juicy, Full-Bodied.  At first I thought I was reading an advertisement about me, but alas it was a bottle of wine I was reading about!  Of course I had to pick up a bottle of that to see just what I might taste like if I were in fact a red wine. The bottle […]


Hey everyone!  Another Sunday is here and once again I have a little buzzy buzz for you.  The one thing I love about my blog is getting the chance to tell you about the people and places that inspire me in some way. The last few weeks I have been introducing you to some wonderful […]

The Man with a Drum

Who is – The Man with a Drum? With a Hybridized background of Rock, Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, and Pop experience On the Drum kit, mixed with different types of Cuban, African ,and Brazilian percussion; Toronto, Ontario born and raised Chris Romano has a plethora of music, and musical styles that caters to many different types […]

All Funked Up!

I just can’t get enough when it comes to a play on words.  It’s so wordy and wonderful!  I just love that commercial for “Booking Dot Com”.  Booking this and Booking that!  It’s very effective when you want to tell your partner off!  Why don’t you just “Book Off” or “Go Book Yourself”.  My favourite is, […]

Happy Mom’s Day

Always an unwavering gentle strength that changes the world….. Mom xo Bruce.

This Sunday!!!! What’s the Buzz?

My scathing review of….. Super Funk Band of Awesome! No I’m totally Funking with you! I’m still dancing!  

Sheila Strikes Again!

It’s incredible what a trip to a great salon can do! It’s so important to pick a place that listens to what you want. So many places try to make those important decisions for you. I knew Sheila was who we needed to see. I wrote about her shop just a few short weeks ago. I was […]