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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Phantom in Review by JPS

“Like, OMG!!!!  What was that……..that thing I experienced???  It bore a striking resemblance to something I remember from my younger days…….but BRUCE, REALLY……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  That’s how I felt seeing the allegedly, “NEW” and improved production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “The Phantom of the Opera”. I have to offer several disclaimers off the top: 1) I am […]

Sign Up for My Weekly Blog!

If you like what you read on Bruce in the City-What’s the Buzz please sign up for my weekly blog to be delivered directly to your email! Your email remains confidential and you can cancel at any time! But why would you? Here’s How! Just click the link to the right side under Archive. “Meta” […]

Bruce News!

Hey “Brucesters” I am excited to announce a brand new blog segment starting in February! “Wine with Erik F”! The “F” must stand for “Fabulous” On the first Wednesday of every month my good bud “Erik F” will review some of his favourite wines and let you know what’s fabulous in the world of vino! […]

Go East!

Sometimes getting up the creativity to get this blog written is a bit of a challenge.  Every week since 2010 I have entertained you with the cutest little blog in the hemisphere.  Now I could do You Tube blogs and do jumping jacks but I prefer the written word.  So while some of my counterparts […]

David Bowie

I think of all the qualities that are being spoken about the late David Bowie, one word sums this icon up for me “Brave” He regretted nothing and challenged everything we understood about the most crucial aspects of the human journey. His compass pointed right into our very soul and told us to take a […]

Sibling Rivalry? Never!

Hey Brucesters!  Welcome back.  2016!  Can I get a whoop, whoop?!  It’s really hard to believe and what’s worse is that it’s already the 10th.  The month is practically half over.  Which means I can’t even really say Happy New Year to anyone anymore or they will think I’m ridiculous.  And I wouldn’t want to […]