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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Bruce News!

Hey Brucesters! I will be back next Sunday with a new blog for you and the following Tuesday Erik will be back giving us his latest review of his favorite vino choice for April! Thanks for all your Birthday wishes! They were amazing! Love you guys! B.I.T.C PS: My partner sat on my new lap […]

Happy Easter

Hey Brucesters! I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all the most beautiful Easter ever! B.I.T.C!


I’m not sure I mentioned it but I have decided to make some changes to my diet.  I know right?  Not again!  This however is slightly different because I’m starting small. You know how much I love my coffee!  Well I did some math and decided that my sugar intake was way out of control. […]

Bruce in the City

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!                       from Bruce in the City!

What’s Going On?

Let me just start this blog today saying that I am no political specialist but I do have to ask a few questions about what I am seeing going on over in the U.S.  What is happening over there?  I can’t help but think that one of the super powers of all time is beginning […]

Birthday Medieval Style

Ok “Brucesters” it’s that time of year again when I celebrate me!  What’s that?  I’m always celebrating me?  Well ya!  Who wouldn’t?  But in fact my birthday will be in a few weeks and I am already prepping myself for a fabulous time. I’ve decided I am taking myself to Medieval Times!  It’s a dinner […]

Wine with Erik! review 2

Beronia, Rioja, Tempranillo Elaboracion Especial So I was away at Blue Mountain for a few days snowboarding, and going back to the room after a full day of boarding makes you want to just be warm whether it’s by the fire, with hot food, under the blanket, or with a nice glass of wine.  This […]