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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Happy Birthday Mary Ellen!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful Editor Mary Ellen Monk! I hope it is as fabulous as You! Bruce in the City!

Erik Will be Back!

Hey Brucesters! Erik will be May 2nd for his next wine review!!! Who doesn’t love a good “Wine with Erik?” B.I.T.C

Oh So Urban

I haven’t talked about clothes in a while.  I think after my days at Holt Renfrew I had had enough of hearing about anything fashion. Although fashion is still important to me, as far as my own fashion choices I mean.  I think I have always kept up with the styles and most people say […]

Bruce’s Book Club

Bruce’s Book Club is back the 1st Wednesday of the month! Next book club read will begin May 4th. Stay tuned for Bruce’s Pick! No matter what you do in life, one should always find time to read. Bruce.

Lazar Quest This!

I was invited to my nephew’s 13th birthday party over the weekend! Oh boy! I had no idea what I was in for really. All I knew was that I had been signed up for a thing called Lazar Quest. In my mind I thought well this could be fun. Running around like a Star […]

I Just Can’t Get Enough

By now I’m sure you know about my obsession with Sushi.  I’ve been to many Sushi places in the city.  I have to admit I do love a great Sushi buffet but recently I found a cute little place called the Sushi Bar.  It is not a buffet place but the quality of their Sushi and […]

Wine with Erik! #3

So this month, since the weather was getting better, I decided to do some nice refreshing white wines! Now I didn’t want to choose between sweet and dry because I love all wines and I want everyone to explore different wines so I did one of each. The first wine is a sweet sparkling from […]

Broadway Came to town

Of course it would happen to me!  I must have jinxed myself talking about my birthday so much.  It was Thursday, the day before Good Friday.  I had been feeling like crap all week.  Of course I had all kinds of scenarios going through my head, being a hypochondriac. Well the day before my big day it […]