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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Back Next Sunday

Hey Brucesters!!!! Taking today off! See you next Sunday! B.I.T.C! PS: Writing a blog that is taking a bit more time to pull together.  

Get Your Greek On

We finally got to see it! My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2! It was amazing! I usually don’t start off with the obvious end to the blog but I just couldn’t keep this to myself. It was honestly a fabulous continuation to a story that frankly everyone fell in love with so many Greek moons […]

See U Next Week!

See you guys next week! B.I.T.C        

Get Your Geek On!

  I couldn’t believe what I saw coming down the street.  It was a sight to see.  My day was just about as normal as it could be and then it wasn’t.  How ridiculous of me.  I got all excited like a prepubescent boy.  All of my childhood fantasies flooded my mind.  I used to […]

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Hey “Brucesters!” Happy Mother’s Day! to all you fabulous Mothers around the World!!! xoxo Bruce in the City

Bruce’s Book Club!!!

Hey Gang! Here is my book club choice for the month of May!!! The Story of Charlotte’s Web E.B White’s Eccentric Life in Nature & the Birth of an American Classic! by Michael Sims B.I.T.C    

Wine with Erik!! J Lohr

J. Lohr, Merlot 2013 – Nappa Valley, California So here I was on a Wednesday evening playing on my Playstation4 with some of my friends and I felt like having a wine since, in my own way, I was having a goodtime with my buddies. Now the question became which wine did I want to have? […]

Something Corporate

I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with all of the fallout still spilling onto the gay community.  It seems like everyday I am bombarded by anti rhetoric.  We like to believe we have come a long way, but I don’t feel we have. I have to ask first, “Why is everyone so obsessed with what is […]