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Monthly Archives: December 2016

A Christmas Message

Merry Christmas Always Bruce in the City  

Bruce’s Annual Top 5!

This is it people! My last posting for 2016! What a year it has been. I think it’s been a pretty crazy and intense year. I always hope going into the new year that the world will chill out, get together and sing John Lennon songs and somehow really mean it. But then January second […]

Wine with Erik F!! Holiday Issue!

Hey Brucesters! This is Erik’s special Christmas wine review and his last review for 2016! Enjoy! Looks like there are some delicious options to keep you well lubricated over the Holidays! “Hey, all! With the holidays coming up I thought I would give you guys a few different options.” Erik Flemming. Oria Cava, Spain – 14.95 […]

A Little Christmas Fun

Ho Ho Ho!                 From Bruce in the City!

Hot Buns! Most Impressive!

OMG!  My second last blog for 2016!  I actually can’t believe another year has flown by.  It’s ridiculous.  The year went too fast.  I’m going to have to reread my own blog to remember everything I did. Drum roll please!  Who is going to get my last shout out for 2016?  I visit so many […]

Two blogs to go for 2016!

Hey Brucester’s!!! Hard to believe only two blogs left for 2016! Next week Dec 11th, Who’s buns impressed! Then on Dec 18th, my top 5 Canadians for 2016! It’s the perfect time to thank, My editor Mary Ellen Monk for her wonderful contribution to my blog this year! Erik Flemming for your fun Wine reviews this year! […]

Wine with Erik F!!!

Middle Earth Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand – 17.95 So when I went to the LCBO I wanted to get some New Zealand wine I saw the name of the winery and I loved it (for those not sure what I am talking about, Lord of The Rings was filmed in New Zealand). I took the […]

Put a Sock on it!

I know, I know, I’ve been somewhat serious lately in my blogs but you know sometimes there is just stuff a person has to say.  But fear not for I bring you tidings of great joy that shall be for all people!!!  I found a fabulous new sock shop!  Oh yeah!!  You know it’s not easy finding a […]