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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Not Your Moms Meatloaf!

It’s great to be back this Sunday. I took last weekend off because one of my amazing aunts passed away and I was with family celebrating her amazing life. She was such a fun person and I always enjoyed making her laugh. Thanks for joining me this week as I get back into the swing […]

Happy May 24

Happy Queen Victoria’s Birthday! See you all next Sunday! B.I.T.C

Smells Like Fish

Oh the drama that was my poem of last week! Sometimes you know you’ve just got to get that shit out of your system. I’ve got a question for you guys. Have you seen the movie “When Harry Met Sally”? Well I have a million times. I thought Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal were completely […]

A Matter of Trust

A Poem: A Matter of Trust A lifetime of loves The most sensitive of actions The darkest moments of lust A city was calling your name so many dreams and victims and blames You loved him and loved him and that one to You loved him and loved him and loved just a few A […]

Wine with Erik F “Oh Sherry”

got something different for you this month! At least I think it’s different, but I am gonna do a review on a sherry! YAY! Lol yes, I hear everyone confused since sherry has a bad reputation, but since it has such a bad reputation it has THE best value. I will also do a review […]

Journey with Germani “Tacos”

Hello BITC readers! When Bruce and I were talking about my recipe contributions, we were united in that we wanted to share approachable and fun recipes.  Nothing overly complicated or frustrating to prepare because everyday life can have lots of its own challenges. Making dinner after a long day at work can really help to […]