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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Beard On!

Wow! Another year flies by and it’s almost time to crown the first Badass B.I.T.C Beard of the year! The first annual of its kind on my blog! How exciting! However before I do this, we still have one more Badass Beard of the week to announce! Drum roll please! Go for it…. Awe fun. […]

Journey with Germani! Good Luck Nibbles!

It’s has been quite a journey this year. The world we live in is very different to the one of a year ago. On a large and small scale. For myself, I’ve gone back to school, with the hopes to change the way I work. To change my quality of life for the better. I’ve […]

Wine with Erik! A Happy New Year Sparkling

Hey, Everyone! It’s Erik! I’m back from some great snow boarding and have I got a great sparkling to get you partying this New Years Eve! Freixenet Cordon Negro, Cava, Spain – LCBO $13.25 This sparkling is a wonderful example of a Spanish Cava. Cava is a wonderful style of sparkling similar to champagne but it […]

Bruce News! Saturday with Sarah

Fans of Journey with Germani will be happy to know that Sarah’s post will be on a special day this week. Saturday December 30th, to help ring in the new year! Normally of course Sarah’s post is the first Tuesday of the month followed by Wine with Erik which falls on the first Wednesday of […]

Bruce News! Wine with Erik!

Bruce News!!!!!

The BJ Cinema… Our Reviews Will Blow You Away! I’m very enthusiastic to announce a paring not seen since the days of Siskel & Ebert! The BJ Cinema! Films in review and preview. The first and third week (Monday) of every month, John and I will be bringing to you our fiery & fabulous opinions […]

Bearded Fur Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve in the city and around the world. A lot of hustle and bustle today. Then the quiet of one of the most significant nights on the planet. The year is closing in and family and friends gather to take a moment to forget the crazy of world politics and of wars and […]

2018 at a Glance!

Hey Bruce in the City readers! Christmas is just around the corner isn’t it?!? I still get excited about the whole thing even though for the most part I’m always longing for what it was, than is. I got a few cool things going on in 2018 at “Bruce in the City-What’s the Buzz?”, my […]

Bearded Fellow

This seriously felt like the longest week of the year. Anyone else feel this way? It feels like I haven’t posted on my blog in a month. I’m really enjoying the bearded selfies I’m receiving for my Badass B.I.T.C Beard contest though! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know all of these bearded fellows. This week’s […]

Badass B.I.T.C Beard

The Badass B.I.TC Beard of the Week continues to grow on even during my Christmas vacation from my blog which, basically means I’m not cruising the city for any hot spots at the moment. Of course that doesn’t mean I won’t write about other things! The truth is I’m taking a little break as I […]