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Bearded Conclusion…

Hey my amazing readers! This is our final beard contestant of 2018 and for this contest which comes to a close with this final amazing beard! Vote hard! By visiting my official Instagram @bruceinthecity This my friends is Trevor… 1- I’m bearded villain 2- I’m a major comic book geek 3- I love star wars […]

Bruces Book Club dec prt 2

As promised here is the second book for December…..

Beard Fest December

We are almost there folks! The beard contest is wrapping up but the beards this month are heating up!  yes… 39 years old… but somehow got stuck in the 90s🤣 i will bring luck… if you fondle my little belly fluffy bear is looking for… happy and humorously people and people… who likes Ernie & […]

Our third of five Dec beard competitors!

The contest is really heating up! Only three more contestants before our 2018 Grand Champion will be chosen! Let’s not waste any time! Here is  Borke!  I am Bi. 18 years married to my wife. Crazy guy. I like you. 😜😜😜 Well there you have it! Short and sweet! And thanks for the shout out! […]

Badass B.I.T.C Beard Contest December

Brucesters! I hope over the past year every one of my readers have enjoyed my Beard contest. I will be wrapping up this contest at years end. I’m going to miss it to but I will be replacing it with a monthly Spotlight on one bearded fellow I follow @bruceinthecity Instagram account. This person will […]

Wine with Erik! Christmas Edition 2018

Hey everyone! It’s almost Christmas time!!! Time for another great wine selection!! Dr. Loosen Riesling 2017, Mosel, Germany – $14.95 This wine has always been one of my favourite rieslings becuase of its amazing value. but be fast! this wine fly’s off the shelf! The wine bright, clear and has aromas of lemon, peach, and […]

Blog News!!!! Wine with Erik!

December Beard Contest!

Brucesters! Hard to believe the beard contest is coming to a close at the end of the month but before it wraps up I’ve got a few more beard competitors to bring your way. The first beard contestant for December is a pretty impressive one! He wasn’t much of a talker but with a beard […]

Bruce’s Book Club December

Hey Brucesters! Its that time of month again! Book Club time! My latest book club choice! #jodipicoult #thetenthcircle This read will last two weeks as there will be two books chosen to wrap up our Jodi Picoult tribute! www.bruceinthecity.com B.I.T.C