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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Lovin That Bear

You know it’s sort of funny when you think about it. When you’re a blogger, such as I am, your followers (mine over 21,000 registered readers) can get the impression that every living moment is over the top active and fabulous. You all know that isn’t true right? Just like everyone else days can go […]

Gifts from the Earth

It’s that time of year that I do my best just to make it to spring. Are you with me? I can handle November to January, as long as it’s been gentle. Every year it seems winter is waiting longer and longer to unleash its wrath. The last few weeks have been brutal in Toronto; […]

Keep the Faith

I guess I could write about the fact that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I could talk about the groundhog; he didn’t see his shadow I understand. I could even talk about Trump. I’m not going to though. I’ve got something I need to get off my chest. Disabilities and chronic illness in […]

February beard of the month

Ok this months Beard is most inspiring. His name is Wilson and he has a very big following on Instagram. This fellow should seriously be on the big screen or even the small screen for that matter. I’m thinking Vikings! I’m thinking Game of Thrones! I admit I got a big beard crush on this […]

Bruce’s Book Club

I thought it would be fitting to explore a book that reminds us of importance of science. In a time when some world leaders are grossly irresponsible when it comes to the importance of science. This wonderfully written Work explores four remarkable friends who transformed science and shaped our modern world. The Philosophical Breakfast Club […]