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Monthly Archives: March 2019

April is Autism Awareness Month

While the Ford government rapes funding from Autism programs and support. Let’s not forget we are responsible for voting that bitch in. We have the power to vote him out! Support your local Autism charities and support programs! Let’s make sure we raise our voices in protest against the many sinful deeds this Ford is […]

Workout Wednesday the cardio debate

It’s amazing to believe that even in the world of fitness people hold opposite opinions when it comes to cardio. I know! Who knew? I just assumed probably like you that everyone is to hit the cardio regiments hard but that’s not actually the case. I had been doing about 30 minutes of cardio every […]

It’s My Birthday B.I.T.C’s

Hey Readers! Thought I’d take the weekend off my blog! I mean it is my 39th Birthday! Fine 40. Ok 43. That’s it! That’s as high as I’m going! See you Wednesday for “Workout Wednesday” Thanks for all the love! Follow me on Instagram for my photo diary @bruceinthecity B.I.T.C

The Body Core

I have a love/hate relationship with the plank! Mary Ellen Monk I can’t believe I’m actually doing it! You know I used to really hate working out! Somehow something has really changed. I have notice some real benefits from working out this time around. I’m sleeping better. I’m feeling emotionally more positive which is huge […]

Workin It

“In 1615 Isaac Bedard landed in Quebec and from him sprouted one of the largest families in Quebec. My mom landed in Quebec in 1952 from Bristol england, so Im a zebra, half Quebecois half Brit” FITNESS Trainer David Bedard. When I decided to get back to working out I honestly didn’t think I would […]

Workout Wednesday

Here we go! For you, it’s week one of my fitness journey. For me, I’ve been prepping for months. My plan wasn’t to blog about my lifestyle change but as my program of fitness unfolded I thought blogging about it may be the best way to keep me on track. What better way to reach […]

Fetish Fair prt 2

Well the day finally arrived. I had my ticket for the fetish fair and I was all pumped to experience something way outside my comfort zone. A buddy of mine who has much more experience in the fetish world came along as an unofficial body guard. Literally! The event was taking place at The Phoenix. […]

Workout Wednesday

Hey Brucesters! I’m super excited to announce my new workout adventure blog series starting next Wednesday! I got myself a kickass trainer and I’m ready to smash the ceiling on getting in shape! Bruce in the City

Leather Bound!

Hey Brucesters! And now on to something a little different. The world of kink! As the song states, Where Do I Begin….? The fascinating part about living in a metropolis is the diversity you find. People from all walks of life gather to experience what the big city has to offer. Sometimes it’s the latest […]

March Beard

Let’s not waste time! Here is my choice for beard of March! Sexy,Stylish,Strong and Saavy! This is Fabinho! Head over to @bruceinthecity my official Instagram and hit the heart on his post to vote for this sexy stallion. 1 ° I am a bearded old fashioned 2nd Appraiser of a good drink and cigars. 3 […]