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Monthly Archives: April 2019

Pass the Beans

Thanks for stopping by. I’m always humbled when I see dozens of people weekly signing up for my blog. Through thick and thin I try to write up a little something that will get you through your work day. I have a great deal of fun meeting the people around my city. Greektown is, as […]

Happy Easter

Hey Brucesters! I’m taking sunday off from my blog to observe Easter! Have a great week and a Wonderful Easter Weekend! Bruce in the City “Hogtown”

Join me on Instagram

Hey Brucesters! Having a good time here? Join me on my official Instagram @bruceinthecityhogtown More pics! More fun! More contests!

Taste of Greece

By now it’s no secret I have a thing for Greek men. And women for that fact. Stunning and exotic people with an equally incredible history and mythology. I mean who doesn’t like the Greeks? With the Greeks, comes food! Great Greek food! I can’t get enough really. It’s with this thought in mind when […]

Leg Daze

Basic Bruce Merch

Order now! bruceinthecity@hotmail.com

Pub Time!

Autism awareness month

Make a scene! Wear Blue!

The “Ick” Factor

For fudge sakes! Just when you get in a good rhythm with your workout, life jumps in and smacks you with a dumbbell. For several months I’ve been getting to the gym almost daily smashing my core. Building my legs! Just working out with my goals top of mind. Then life gets in the way. […]

Beard of April

Ladies, Gentlemen and Brucesters! As you know, each month, I choose a bearded fellow that inspires me in some way! This fellow in his own badass way does that for me! Reminds me to keep it simple and when I’m doubt get it pierced! yes… 39 years old… but somehow got stuck in the 90s🤣 […]