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Monthly Archives: September 2019

Mingle and Mix and Be

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been writing a few stories from outside the GTA. That’s the greater Toronto area for those not from around these parts. I’ve been visiting my folks taking a little break from the big city life. That’s what summers are for right? While visiting my folks, I thought I’d take the opportunity […]

Bruce News!

High & Lonesome

When I saw the name of this singing duo, “High & Lonesome” I thought, that pretty much sums up my summer, so why not go check them out and see what sad songs they have to offer while I down a few melancholy brews. As fate would have it, I had heard the lead vocalist, Kate […]

Blog News

Brucesters! I’d like to take a moment to welcome Bruce Law. He has graciously agreed to step in as my new Editor & Publisist. I am so excited to have you on board and hope you have as much fun with this as I do. Heres to ten more years of blogging. I wonder what […]

Buttermilk and Beaches

Brucesters! What a week!. I’ve got so much to tell you guys about what I’ve been going through over the last several months, but first one must have a rousing breakfast — got to keep your strength up when dealing with stressful adulting bullshit. Who here enjoys adulting? I’d love to hear from you. Tell me […]

Brotherhood of Barbers

Brucesters!Let’s get this fall season off the right way and that’s with a fresh cut from one of the hippest barber shops I’ve been to in a long time. Living in Toronto for 13 years tends to alter one’s reality when it comes to believing talent can exist outside the GTA but I’ve found a mens […]

Summer Blowout

Brucesters! Tell me it isn’t true! Summer holidays have rode off into the Thelma and Louise sunset! How does that happen? You’re getting all geared up to shed that winter weight and your clothes and bam, like a stripper after that last song pole dance you’re putting them all back on and just a bit worse for […]

Beard of September

Hey Brucesters! Just because September has landed doesn’t mean things are chilling off here at Bruce in the City. Now that I’m officially back from vacation it’s time to really heat things up! The beards of the month have been sizzling all year. This next badass bearded stud really smashes the thermometer! Heres a few […]