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No Joke

Forever alone in a crowd, failed comedian Arthur Fleck seeks connection as he walks the streets of Gotham City. Arthur wears two masks — the one he paints for his day job as a clown, and the guise he projects in a futile attempt to feel like he’s part of the world around him. Isolated, bullied, […]

Rick Mercer “Raw and Uncut” the interview

I am so excited about this weeks article. I’ve been working on this for some time, and I was so surprised when this incredible comedian and Canadian icon agreed to have a 1 on 1 with me. I recall him saying to me during one of our discussions that I had a face for television. I […]

2 Days & Counting!

From my home

Dress You Up

Brucesters! Halloween, it’s one of my favourite times of year. Having spent 13 years in Toronto, I have enjoyed the extraordinary celebrations the boys in the village put on every year. The one night a year when the gays shed their crowns for other masks. Hundreds of people from every walk of life congregate to Church […]

Beard of October

Brucesters! It’s incredible to think that there are only three months left to 2019. It’s mind-blowing. The Beards of the month, this year, have been amazing. You can vote for your fav beard by hitting the heart on the article and pic that is posted monthly. Instagram @bruceinthecity Without delay! Here is your Beard of October! […]