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Who Will Be Beard Ambassador!

Find out January 5th 2020

What’s the Buzz?

12 Months? 12 Tops!

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It Started with a Coffee

For my last article of 2019. I want to tell you about something I witnessed this season and feel compelled to share it with you. He was in a coffee shop. People are always in coffee shops. He was just charging his phone; it seemed and drinking coffee. Sightseeing? He sat there for a bit. […]

Coming January 2020!

Fetish or Fashion

Brucesters! Let me just get real for you all for just a quick moment. You all know this last couple of years I’ve been going through alot of personal changes. I was in a relationship that in spite of effort from both ends of the supper table our differences of personality and mentality enevitably was […]

Pose! Pose! Click! Click!

Hey guys! Thanks for visiting my blog. If your a Bruce in the City newbie…hold on tight. If you are a registered reader…welcome back! This week I’ve decided to let my guest say it all in her own words. Last week as a bit of a switch-up, I did the same with my guest. Just let […]

Beard of December

Holy crap! I cant believe I’m about to announce the final bearded fellow for 2019. What a year of amazing beards,amazing stories and inspiring men. The winner for beard of the year will be announced the second sunday in January 2020. But first I’d like you to meet Quinn. @quinn.patrick Hes a talented artist local […]

Angels in the City

I do a lot of talkin’. It’s what I do. This past month I was blown away by something I saw. I’d like to call her the Angel Lady. Then I discovered there were two. An Angel Lady times two. Changing the lives of a community-in-need and specifically one man in need. Please welcome a local […]