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Monthly Archives: June 2020

Coming in July


Happy Father’s Day

“Behind the Rainbow” by Bruce Christopher (a short story series)

Behind the Rainbow by Bruce Christopher Part 1 In the Beginning It always begins so lovely, like any relationship. It was Summer 2019. A guy was looking for a place to retreat from the stress of a noisy break up. He found this curious spot in Tweed Ontario. Riverside! It looked perfect. All gay male clothing […]

Summer Solstice

Wine with Erik Fleming

Alba Vega AlbariƱoHey everyone! I got a Spanish wine this time!! Yay! This is perfect for the hot weather! This wine comes from the Rias Baixas region which is very popular for their white wine and is where 99% of Spain’s white wines are produced! The Alba Vega AlbariƱo is a great expression of the […]


Standing in Solidarity

Beard of June

BrucestersMy favorite time of the month!!!! It’s beard time. This sexy fellow was featured in an article this past month. I just had to have him back as beard of June. This is Martyn. I’m a Former marine. I love crazy banter.I’m a bit of a prankster. I love to laugh. I’m a massive animal […]