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Monthly Archives: August 2020

Wine with Erik

Brucesters Please enjoy my special guest Erik Fleming and his awesome wine review! Hi people! I’ve been reviewing a lot of whites and rosés recently so I thought I’d change it up and bring a red for you. This Malbec can also be enjoyed chilled slightly so it’s still good for summer drinking! Coming from […]

La Hacienda

BrucestersToday’s blog will be short and delicious!! I have been really into Mexican food lately. It’s a lot more difficult in a smaller city like Peterborough to find authentic Mexican food. Let’s forget the massive food chain we all know so well. Their bastardized version of Mexican food has caused the general public to think that’s […]

Stranger in Aisle 5

It was a hot summer afternoon when I decided to visit a local bookshop to see if anything would jump out at me. I have been watching so much T.V. since this pandemic ravaged the country that I needed something to wake my sleepy mind up. I’ve always been drawn to the scent of a bookshop. […]

Its All About the Jewels

Brucesters!! This week I have a very special guest with a very special company. One that I’m sure my bearded followers will love. He’s known as Captain Ken and after he reached out to me to share his beautiful beard jewellery with me. I knew I had to write about him and his company. I usually […]

Beard of August

Its beard time again. This is what Nate had to say about himself. Nate is our beard of August!! I’m a nerdy gaymer bear.Huge fan of Batman especially Adam west Batman even met him before he passed away.I would rather have a romantic night like walking on the beach at night instead of going to […]