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Monthly Archives: January 2021

Beard of February

I moved to russia with 5 days notice After 11 years of living in russia I still can’t speak Russian. I started going bald from the age of 19 I can sleep anywhere so long as I have my own pillows. I have watched the movies Top Gun. Heat and Ferris Beulllers Day off more […]

Thought I’d Drop In

Well, here we are. In lockdown. Pandemic totally¬†horrific. I haven’t written in several weeks. I’m basically on hiatus but I just needed to say hello. From sitting at home all the time I’m just going stir crazy over here. I’m watching reruns of Sex and the City and¬†I find myself dreaming about how the world […]

Beard of January

Brucesters! Here is our first beard of 2021!!!! This is Ryan!! https://instagram.com/b34rd3dr0m30?igshid=6r3csujwohoi 5 fun factsI’ve played guitar for 25 yearsI’m 2nd level brown belt in Goju Ryu karateI’m a software engineerI’ve worked for EA games and MicrosoftHuge gamer

Beard Champion 2020

Congratulations!!!!! Alex, you kicked ass and won the Beard of the Month contest! Not easy to do when you are the beard of December!! You got a lot of love from your friends and fans!! You are now the official Beard Ambassador for 2021 www.bruceinthecity.com!! Lets hope this new year will be peace health and […]