41 years 41 poses…Fabulous!

Posted by Bruce on April 01, 2012

I am now one week into my 42nd year!  I spent some time soul searching this week. I wanted to take an inventory of what I think I have learned during my 41 years on the planet.

The first is, those negative life experiences do come back to haunt you no matter how much you pray,meditate or wine yourself.  The reason is, whether we like to admit it or not, we are fragile of mind and spirit so removing these experiences proves almost impossible to do but it is how we rise above these experiences that truly tells the story of our endurance.

2nd, I have learned people do what they really want to so when you are fiercely chasing relationships around or trying to get that friendship you have invested in, to improve, the truth is you really can’t change anything unless the subject itself wants to go 50/50 with you. Get out and stop waisting your time.

3rd, eating after 7pm is such a bad idea! I don’t care what you try to tell me.  I don’t know what happened but I can no longer enjoy a good feast in the evening. Oh I am so envious of those 20 something’s! I see them abusing themselves with no regard. It will get you my pretties and your little dog to!

Which brings me to my 4th awakening, age gracefully.  Stop looking at those old photo’s of yourself.  That time has past. You’re an ever changing marvelous being that is like the seasons, ever moving, ever transforming. It’s a miraculous thing. Do you really want to look like what you did in the 80’s?

Of course the list could go on and on and you can be sure I will share these things with you as I write to you but for now I have one more awakening for you. Move!!!! I’m so serious! If you don’t get moving, you might as well get your nurse made arranged. You just can’t sit around and let life pass you by.

It is with this last realization in mind that I decided to leap from comfort zone and surrender myself.  Let’s just say my Aunt and Uncle (Sue and Lynn) have done martial arts for years and it’s really later in years that the value of this is beginning to show. When some people are crippling up with joint pain and muscle issues, these guys are kicking and twisting and meditating themselves into wellness.  I’m not taking up martial arts anytime soon but I (with a wink and a smile) did go to Yoga yesterday!!!!

I know! I know! Bruce does Yoga. Can you picture it?  Arch the back! Spread the legs! Press your butt to the sky! Why hadn’t I discovered Yoga long before now.  I hopped on the 100 (bus) and headed over to Good life. I know I have had my beefs with my Gym from time to time but in fact I do like my gym or I would have left years ago.  Keep that in mind when you read past blogs about the place.  Anyway, I took a mat from the supply in the yoga room and took my place on the floor.  I looked around and decide, I can do this.

The instructor was surprisingly Asian (rolling of the eyes). I knew right then and there he was going to kick my stiff ass!  The soft music began, the mystery of life is to live so here we go. I’m living it.  He began his description and guiding of the business of yoga. He used terms like “Downword Dog!” “Hip Release.” “Pelvic Rotation!” I wasn’t sure after 20 minutes if I was becoming “One” or auditioning for a “Falcon Dude” porn shoot.  As I innocently glance around the room, I couldn’t help but think “What would happen if liquor was added to this scenario?” I’m thinking one heck of party! Then I look at the instructor as he says, “No more thinking, we are listening, listen to your breast?” Did he say Breast or Breath? “Legs up high towards the wall behind you.” Oh my what have I gotten myself into. “Your breath is like the rolling waves.” Oh great now I have to pee.  Am I more relaxed?  Am I one with the Universe?  I am feeling a little more one with the guy directly in front of me that neglected to wear under gotchies under his short, shorts! Oh my!

The hour mark was here at last. I made it. What is this? This is the extended class!!! “And raise that buttocks to the sky.” Why is he smiling at me? I can do this. I need to focus! Look into my inner self and breast, I mean breathe….I decide to close my eyes. Oh that’s much better. No more oneness with the yoga’er in front of me. “Yes tha’s it, breathe, deep breath in through the nose.” Oh my God he didn’t! My neighbour just became one with carbon monoxide!  I’m in yoga hell!

We slowly ended with the instructor murmuring “Mama Stay?” I have no idea “Who’s Mama?” I thought. One thing I knew for sure, the experience had left me feeling surprisingly relaxed and focused. My body was without stress and I felt a confidence rest on me “I did it! I managed to do every pose. Some in moderation but I did it.  41 years, 41 poses….Fabulous!

The instructor invited me back and I agreed to try it again.  I guess I learned a couple of important lessons yesterday.  1. It’s never to late to try something new!  2. Yoga is not something you eat. (and) 3. Never sit behind a guy who’s doing it commando! Horrific!



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