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Posted by Bruce on March 03, 2019
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Hey Brucesters!

And now on to something a little different.
The world of kink!
As the song states, Where Do I Begin….?
The fascinating part about living in a metropolis is the diversity you find. People from all walks of life gather to experience what the big city has to offer. Sometimes it’s the latest coffee house and the gathering of friends there and sometimes it’s an all night fetish fair!
You guys should know me by now. I’m not going to walk away from a challenge and recently I’ve been certainly challenged by some of my readers to walk on the wild side and see how to get the winter kinks out! This is your opportunity to escape now before your master (that’s me!) takes your hand and leads you down the rabbit hole.
Okay don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Before we get started I just have a really quick (completely unrelated) tail to tell. Yesterday when heading to the village, Church and Wesley, just as I got off the street car there was a big bang up the street from where I was. It kind of startled me and so I said to the fellow standing beside me at the street light, “What was that?” He turned to me and ever so calmly said, “Well either someone just farted or their car just backfired!” Outstanding I thought. And then I just laughed my head off crossing the street. People must have thought I had lost my mind. It ended up he was the night time security guard for the BMO at Church and Alexander, also in the village but I digress!
So kink! I’m going to assume like me, many of you know very little about the world of kink. I think it’s fair to say most of you have heard of 50 Shades of Grey? This is only one of many Hollywood movies and docs that have opened the Pandora’s box of adult role play. It was on such a night when my Pandora’s box was opened. A buddy of mine dared me to do a blog about something totally different for me and blindly I said sure. I had already eaten horse so how much more different can a blog review be?
He told me to go to a shop called North Bound Leather. I was to get help with buying a collar. Okay? I had a collar for my dog already. Apparently this collar was meant for me. Well, woof! I was like, “No way! You’re not getting me in a collar!” The back and forth chicken comments and the double dog dare you was heavy in the air when I finally said fine. Where is this den of delectables? Nicholas Street, just one corner west of Yonge and Wesley. There it was in all of its leather and lace. Oh yes, and latex. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked in but dark and dingy came to mind. I pictured an old pervert behind the counter staring judgingly as if to murmur under his stale breath, “There’s no turning back now”. Amazingly it wasn’t like that at all. It was a very lovely leather boutique. I mean I knew I wasn’t in Kansas anymore but I also didn’t feel too uncomfortable when from the length of the room greetings came from a sexy bearded and harnessed fellow who introduced himself as Peter. It didn’t take me long to realize he was the leather model featured on the large posters directly above me on the walls. “How can I help you?”, he asked. Oh, let me count the ways I thought almost audibly.
Just then a fabulously dressed woman walked into our space and introduced herself as the owner or one half of a duet that owned the shop. Then of course a maiden in the distance working on some displays also greeted me with a smile and a nod. I wondered if they instinctively knew that I was new.
I nervously asked for what I was needing. A collar. A leather collar. Oh my god I just couldn’t believe those words were coming out of my mouth. Without hesitation Peter, my new best friend, took me to the collar wall. There was a collar wall. I had no idea there was going to be so many options. He helped me try some on and we finally came up with one that fit because of course my neck is as thick as a football player. I thought it was pretty badass and he was even eager to show me a leash accessory that went well with it just in case I had someone to lead me along at this kink event I was invited to attend. I passed on the leash this time lol. Of course when he put it on me and was holding the other end I did have a brief moment of, lead on you bearded stallion!
They make all of their leather goods in shop and they also do custom work. This is no run of the mill leather shop. It really is pretty impressive and also this is no cheap hobby, lifestyle, or role play. These harnesses, collars, and accessories are made of top quality leathers. The owner was a lot of fun and really made my first visit to her shop really welcoming and exciting. I learned that her shop North Bound Leather was actually the host to the event I was planning on blogging about. I did end up purchasing my first badass leather collar and even bought a pair of long yellow sport socks for my buddy that talked me into going. Next stop, the kink event at the Phoenix…..

To be continued

Bruce in the City

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