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Posted by Admin1 on August 10, 2014
Shops, Try It!

Every year at about this time the Danforth plays host to an amazing cultural event!  Taste of the Danforth!  People come from all over the globe to enjoy the tastes of Greek culture and to bask in the arts and craft of this ancient culture and civilization.  I go to cruise the hot Greek Gods!  A feast for the eyes and the stomach.  Of course I’m talking about the food.  Behave!
As I make my way on the Danforth I love to watch the faces of the visitors as they look over foods they have never tried and choose something sweet, sticky and flaky!  I love to see the people out and about in costumes enjoying the sun and friendship.  I think it’s one of the reasons no matter what happens in this city, it always seems to come back to celebrating the diversity of it’s culture.
As I walked along I couldn’t help but notice one of my favourite wine shop’s (Wine Wrack) and posed with the grapes out on the sidewalk.  I asked, “Can I get a pic with you grapes?”  As I hugged it out with them I exclaimed, “Now I’m not the only fruit here!”
As we eased on down the road we happened upon a bookstore. A clever little book store called RE: Reading “ReRead, ReView, RePlay” It had nothing to do with our Greek adventure but as we were digesting our fantastic Greek meal from “Astoria”, a wonderful Greek inspired restaurant, it felt totally acceptable to dessert on something for the mind.
My partner and I browsed around only moments before a really stylish young woman welcomed us to the shop.  I love exploring a book store.  Especially a book store that carries previously read books.  I love finding the little notes left inside covers of old books almost as much as I like to read the book itself.
Of course my partner is always looking for the rare DVD’s of some Opera.  Not really my thing but I enjoy the hunt anyway.  We separate and make our way down the aisles and I see copies of Harry Potter, Gone With The Wind, To Kill a Mocking Bird and I take a moment to see what may be written on the inside. “To Billy with love Uncle Jack.” Who are these people? Why did they give up their cherished book?
I decided to see what my partner was doing and he had his eye on a DVD of “Der Ring Des Nibelungen” by Richard Wagner.  I being more of the Pop culture world had no idea what it was but my partner was freaking out to have it so what the heck, when in Greece!
The gentleman behind the counter gave it to me for a great price. Better than the sticker and I was really happy he did that for me.  It was with that kind gesture that I decided to make some small talk about my little book club and that I was beginning to read Jan Austen.  I explained I had never read Jane Austen before and with that he turned and reached for a small red hard cover book.  It was from the 1930’s.  Can you imagine?  The 1930’s!  Again my fascination with yesteryear got the best of me as I had referenced in my article about Murdock Mysteries.  It was a publication of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.  My jaw hit the desk and I was in awe.  I held it, and my mind was transported back in time.  I imagined the young woman who may have had this novel in her school bucket as she made her way across the crowded streets of Toronto in the 1930’s.  The owners name was Sheila Hersey and in the back were notes. Notes like you would make if you were studying it in school or maybe another book club from many years before.
I was quickly brought back to reality when I saw the price, $60.  Yep, I was still in the 21st Century. The shop owner I assumed told me about it’s date and of course it’s price.  Ouch!  I really wanted it but $60 was a little steep for me.  I said thank you and made my way up and down the aisles now carrying a bag with my partner DVD’s inside.
I really loved that shop and the folks inside.  They energy was different.  I think they may have shared that small town heart I have mentioned about myself before.  We said our good-byes and we made our way back down the Danforth for more Greek adventures but I just couldn’t get that book off my mind.  I decided to take a chance and went back to see if I might get a better price for the book.
The girl I had seen moments before was working away behind the desk and immediately greeted me with a big hello. Very “Shop Around the Corner!” and funny it is just around the corner now that I think about it. I quickly asked before I lost my nerve “Do you think he (the owner?) would be able to do better on the price?”  She didn’t even look insulted or anything.  I was relieved.
Unfortunately he had already stepped out and so they were unable to answer my inquiry  but they said they would ask as soon as he returned if I wanted to come back.  I was hopeful and said I would return.
The streets were really filling up now with people enjoying the festivities and wonderful Greek music could be heard in the air.  I noticed many news reporters covering the big event and I wanted so desperately to video bomb in the background with a sign that said www.bruceinthecity.com! Self promote! Self promote! Self promote!  But I figured I would show some decorum and not hoar myself out in this way.  Well, in anyway! I digress!
I made my way back to the store and when I got inside she was waiting with a big smile on her face.  She quoted the price I had in mind and the rest is history. I am now the proud owner of a fabulous red  hard cover illustrated version of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice from the 1930’s.  Thank God I wasn’t to proud!
Now I don’t care what you say you will never have an experience like that downloading your books on line!  There is something to be said for a lovely little book store that has people inside and everything. These internet guru’s really don’t know what they are missing.  It’s horrific! Now that you have come to the end of my article about this fabulous bookstore.  Log out, turn off and step outside your door and head to 548 Danforth Ave, Toronto! You’re in for a really lovely experience.  The way buying a book should be! http://www.rereading.ca/
Now back to the Greeks!

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