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Posted by Bruce on October 16, 2016
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Hey Brucester’s!  Thanks for stopping by my blog.  Whether you are one of my 18,000 plus registered readers or if you happened upon my blog because you were really typing Bruce Springsteen in the search bar, regardless, I’m really excited you stopped by.  This week I have a very special guest.  As you may or may not know, I am a very big fan of the Canadian television drama Murdoch Mysteries on CBC!  If you haven’t checked it out you should!  It’s not just a great show but they make you feel like you are part of a larger family.  I have attended two major events, the 100th episode and the premiere of season 10 just a few weeks ago.

At the 100th episode event at CBC Yannick Bisson, Helen Joy and Arwen Humphreys all took a moment to allow me to get photos with them.  Although that is not unusual for them to do so with fans, it’s the connection they have to every person they meet.  It’s a great talent to be able to make people feel like they really matter to the work you do and real sincerity can not be duplicated and every actor on that show is totally tuned in to their fans.  It’s impressive.  You can see an all new season of Murdoch Mysteries Monday nights on CBC.  Here in Toronto it’s on at 8pm!  Check your local listings.  Do people still say that?

I know, I know get on with it right?  I get lost in my own thoughts and love a good ramble.  Mostly I love building suspense for you guys!  You may have figured out by now who I have had the privilege of chit chatting with this week to get a deeper look at the actor behind one of our beloved characters on Murdoch, “Mrs. Margaret Brackenreid”, Arwen Humphreys.

img_0395Her character has inherited somewhat of a cult following by fans all around the globe.  We just can’t get enough “Margaret”.  Every time Margaret enters the picture audiences are hooked.  Something tells me it’s not just the character that enchants us.  Arwen is one of the girls and one of the boys.  She’s elegant and tough.  She is dedicated and thoughtful.  To be friends with Arwen, just like her character, is to have one loyal neighbour on your side.  Of course this is all my own personal analogy of the actor we have come to know and love.  I’m a pretty good judge of character so let’s just say I nailed it!

Needless to say I was over the moon when Ms. Humphreys agreed to answer some of those burning questions myself and fans alike really hoped to get answers to.  One of my questions to Arwen was what does her ideal holiday look like?  Arwen’s answer was short and sweet, “Costa Rica.  A hammock and a good book.”  So let’s do that shall we?  Picture this: Bruce in the City and Arwen Humphreys chilling in Costa Rica laying about on our over sized hammocks sipping our cocktails with our favourite books at our side and our chat begins.

Isn’t this fabulous?  The sun!  The cocktails!  The sites!  What a dream!  Thanks so much for agreeing to hang out and chat with me today!

Bruce: Okay, I have to know where did you grow up as a child and what were you like?  Rebel?  Wallflower?

Arwen: I grew up in Toronto.  Neither wallflower or rebel… dramatist :o)

Bruce: Nice!  I was so pretty as a young lad people were constantly asking my mother if I was a boy or girl.  Good times!  My first play was called Monster Madness.  At E.A Lavelle school in Oshawa.  What was your first acting experience?

Arwen: It was a school play also!  Snow White!  I played Doc.  I was one of the only leads whose mother was not on the PTA :o)

Bruce:  Well that’s because you’re fabulous clearly! (sipping my cocktail and giving Arwen a wink) Was that the moment you knew you were going to be an actor?

Arwen: I always wanted to perform which initially manifested as a desire to be a ballet dancer.  I studied ballet for six years.  I was ten years old when I played Doc and I knew then that I wanted to be an actor.  I’ve never wanted to be anything else.

Bruce: You are so lucky!  So many of us are still trying to figure it out!  It’s not easy knowing who you are and what you want to do with your life.  I think that’s amazing.  You are so comfortable in front of the camera.  It’s wonderful to watch.  Who has inspired you?

Arwen: Wayne Robson!  An amazing stag and screen actor.  I babysat for him in my teens.

Bruce: What was his personal contribution to your development as an actor?

Arwen: He gave me the best advice about being a professional actor, “Do it because you love it and the moment you stop loving it get out as fast as you can.”

Bruce: And are you still loving it??

Arwen: Well it’s not an easy relationship but I’m still absolutely mad for acting!

Bruce: It shows!  You own Margaret Brackenreid!  We thank you for bringing her to life the way you have!  She is delicious!  Okay, so moment of truth!  What is your favourite Murdoch episode?

Arwen: Kung Fu Crabtree and Holy Matrimony for I think obvious reasons.

Bruce: Well in my opinion you were the show stopper in that episode!  You were brilliant.  I’m not just saying that.  If you weren’t, my readers know I’d say so! LOL!  I digress! (applying sun tan lotion and sipping cocktails we continue) What else?

Arwen: I also loved the second episode Margaret appeared in because it was the first time I got to spend some real time getting to know Margaret.

Bruce: She is a wonderful character!  And 10 years!  That is truly amazing!

Arwen: It’s beyond a blessing to be able to play a character for as long as I’ve played Margaret, but also to be able to create her?  Magic!

Bruce: I know you have places to be but I have just a few more questions for you I’m sure my readers would love to know!  What made you decide to become a voice for Wounded Warriors?  It’s a wonderful cause and I’m so excited to be a part of it now with your nomination to commit to the 22 push ups in 22 days and my $22 donation!  I love it!  Lord knows I need the exercise.

Arwen: I wouldn’t call myself a voice. I was nominated by a friend of mine and thought it would be fun if the “Murdochian Army” got involved!

Bruce: Well it’s really great you would lend your celebrity to bring light to this important cause so thank you for that.

Arwen: Good luck with those push ups!! I am totally there with you!

And with that Arwen was whisked away by four stunning men with perfectly tanned skin to work on an episode of Murdoch!  Now come on you can’t believe everything you read!!  What was very real was Arwen agreeing to do this little interview and what a lucky man I am!  Very exciting and thank you so much Arwen for your time!

I think you all will agree that getting to know artists is such a real treat.  It’s one thing to see their work but to be able to add that depth to their public persona is such a fabulous honour!  I do hope you all enjoyed my blog this week!  If we are lucky maybe Arwen and I can chit chat more in the future about the season and her character as she comes to life in season 10!  Of course tomorrow night is part two of “Great Ball of Fire”.  It will be a ride no doubt so tune in!

Here is a link below for Wounded Warriors.  I do hope you will have a look and get involved!

Thank you again Arwen Humphreys for taking the time today! What a real Bruce in the City highlight!



Edited by: Mary Ellen Monk

Photo credit: Glenn Rodger (@rodger111)

Additional Research: John Sigerson

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