A Deep Breath

Posted by Bruce on July 29, 2018
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This week was not an easy one in my city. Someone took what was left of our innocence away. My Instagram was flooded with typical Bruce in the City rants as I tried to come to terms at what took place. I’m certain I won’t, but I will move forward as most people will. After we’ve all gone home however, there are families that will never be able to forget what happened that day. The horrific memories and for some the horrific loss. As one insignificant man writing what amounts to a few notable words here and there.
I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about this week so I decided to offer you a moment of calm and an introduction to a very dear friend of mine who inspired me spiritually many years ago. I’m not sure she knows she was the beginning of an amazing transformation in my life and though I lose my way from time to time her words of peace and wisdom always return to me. I’d like you to meet Janet….

Meet Rev. Janet Fotheringham mediums/clairvoyant/psychic

Janet has the ability to connect with loved ones who have crossed over, help you with past, present, and future.

Janet typically connects with a number of spirits, and through the use of images, smell, and sound, Janet is able to communicate to the best of her ability.

The best way to explain Janet’s ability is she acts as a telephone line between spirits, guides, and angels, which allows client to ask questions and provide answers.

Janet’s ability allows her to see, smell, taste, and hear spirit. Janet is often given images and/or symbols of events/objects that may have taken place. This is where Janet will provide what she has been given to you.

Janet Fotheringham discovered at a very young age that she had a special gift, “The gift of spirit and mediumship”. Janet grew up having exposure to spirit and understanding the spiritual ways of living at a young age.

Janet’s true passion is helping those in need, whatever that need may consist of. Janet has over 16 years of experience working in the field of addiction, mental health, life coaching, and counselling in the vulnerable sector. Janet has discovered her deepest desire of the natural methods of healing those in need.

Janet offers empowerment workshops, meditation to calm the mind and soothe the soul. Janet is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, a Spiritual Healer, certified in HypnoBirthing®, Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Hypnotist, Certified in 5-PATH® Hypnotherapy &
Certified 7-PATH® Self- Hypnosis Instructor.

To some her spiritual journey is unique and maybe even strange but I’ve experienced first hand the calm in which Janet’s life is directed.

There are so many ways to achieve spiritual awakening, sometimes all it takes is a helping hand to clear your mind.

I encourage you to reach out to Ms. Fotheringham. The worse thing you have to lose is your spirit of negativity.

Janet Fotheringham

Blissful Beginnings Spiritual & Wellness

1 Division Street
Bowmanville ON

905 767 8629

Message anytime


edited by Mary Ellen Monk

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