Take a Chance on Me

Posted by Bruce on May 06, 2012
Try It!

I went for my much needed massage this past week and ended up taking a “Shih Tzu”! I know, can you believe it? Keith, my massage therapist, must have got me super dooper relaxed for me to want to take on something as  outstanding as this.  Me the owner of a 5 month old puppy! Could it be so?

After my hour  with Keith, my masseuse extraordinaire. I went up to collect my receipt and  get on with my day. When a young woman no more than 20 walked up to the counter holding the cutest little puppy you ever did see.  Of course I melted and asked “Why are you at work with a puppy?”  Well apparently another employee there was selling them.  I just had to hold her, the puppy that is.  I asked how much and the girl quoted me the price but also informed me this little one was already sold.

I wasn’t surprised and went on chatting the young woman up. It winds up that she had one more little lovely left that no one wanted because she didn’t come in a “perfect package”. I guess she had what they call little eye bubbles. It’s when the tear ducks are slightly bubbled out and so for some she just wasn’t that cats meow.

I knew my plate was a little full already, having already a home with pets but I just bleed for this little thing that was home alone now with nair a brother or sister in site.  I made arrangements to have the girl bring the Shih Tzu by at 4 o’clock. I wanted to really make sure I wasn’t just under some Asian spell and of course I had to get the ok from my much more level headed other half.

I left the gym and could hardly contain myself.  Me, own a pup. It had been years since I had owned a dog and the idea was feeling right.  I can still name the dogs that have adopted me.  Let’s see, well there was Ginger. She was my childhood friend. I just loved her. Then there was Grizzly. Then there was Honey who I adopted along with the guy at the time.  We never forget our pets. Anyone who has ever had one knows what I say is true.  Anyone who has never, should.  Be it cat, dog, horse or pig, their memories get burned on our hearts.

I waited at my condo impatiently, until my cuckoo clock struck four.  The phone rang to inform me she had arrived.  I grabbed my keys and whisked away to the elevator.  Would I still want her? Would my heart be ready to let in this “imperfect” canine? I flung open the glass doors and at just one glance I knew.  I knew like you know a good melon.  She was going to be ours!  For as long as we both shall live.  She was as perfect as could be. Except for her name which was “Dumpling” I just new the girls rugby playing jock of a boyfriend had to have named her.  Then she whispered in my ear “I’m Agnetha. Take a chance on me.” You know, she has walked me off another two pounds!  Which brings me down to 193 lbs!!! Hey! Don’t underestimate what a good Shih Tzu can do for your waist line.

Welcome home Agnetha. Welcome Home.

Bark! Bark!

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