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Posted by Admin1 on October 26, 2014
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I was a guest at an event recently.  I wish you could have come.  In a city like Toronto it can seem easy to slip into Sinicism. It’s a great city but sometimes the human atmosphere can come off a little chilly.
It was during such a week I received a call from a business acquaintance to attend on behalf of the company I work for. With all my approvals in check I was off to show my best face and hopefully do some good.
The event had three purposes in mind. This week I tell you about two intentions and next week I’ll share the latter. It was a private wine party held at the Stunning Royal York Hotel.
I have never been a guest to the hotel as yet, but was there on one occasion when my Uncle “Superstroke” Bruce Christopher, a pro pool player at the time, had an event with the late Minnesota Fats.  I must have been about 8 or 10 years old.  I can see it clearly in my mind’s eye.  Dim lighting, local news reporters!  It was very exciting. The space the event was held in was grand and opulent.  I remember thinking I could get used to this. It being a little above my means, I have yet to make their acquaintance again until now.
The guests were their to celebrate the host’s birthday and as a token of celebration they made a collection for a fantastic community center called the 519.  It’s located in the heart of the Village close to Church and Wesley. I thought how wonderful to make one’s birthday bash a celebration for such an important charity.  It certainly gave me some ideas for my next big day!
The suite the event took place in was stunning.  Apparently it was the same room Prime Minister Stephen Harper was to stay in recently.  Unfortunately due to the horrific events in Ottawa recently, the occasion was delayed.
As the hat was passed around I was truly moved at the generosity of the attendees.  We sampled the wines I supplied and met some really lovely people that night. I look forward to spending an evening or two at this incredible hotel.  The history itself is enough to send shivers to your skin, not to mention the lavish but tasteful décor.  It was lovely to be a part of such a hopeful corner in the world.
Thanks so much Rob for letting me be a part of your wonderful and thoughtful event!  It’s so cool to know there are good people out there just trying to make a difference day by day! Happy belated too.  As I was there on business it was difficult to say goodbye but I do hope our worlds meet again soon!  Hey maybe a cocktail at the Royal York with you and your lovely partner (Paul).
Stay tuned in next week as I just have to introduce you to another stunning guest at the party “Honey & Glow”.  Can you say fabulous!!
Royal York Hotel
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