A Little Bodacious

Posted by Admin1 on May 31, 2015
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Bold, Rich, Juicy, Full-Bodied.  At first I thought I was reading an advertisement about me, but alas it was a bottle of wine I was reading about!  Of course I had to pick up a bottle of that to see just what I might taste like if I were in fact a red wine.
The bottle is fun enough with it’s red stained label beckoning for ones attention “BODACIOUS” Smooth RED!  it claims. I would have to agree.  Smooth and Red.  It’s light enough for those not so avid wine drinkers, with it’s sweeter side and soft finish.  I can taste the raspberry and black current without it being too invasive on the pallet.bodacious
It is bold, but most of that seems to come from the label.  Rich?  Let me taste it again.  Yes, rich and yet not overly so.  It is very pleasant with a lovely finish that really does leave you wanting more.
Juicy?  Well I certainly feel the juice!  I am no expert but I know when something is well balanced and this bottle is very well balanced with some light tannins to let you know it means business.
Full bodied?  Everything of course is up for personal observation and I would have to say it feels more like a medium bodied wine to me.  However it’s sweeter nature could be fooling my delicate pallet.
This coy little wine would be fabulous mixed to create a wonderful red sangria.  I have the perfect recipe for you found here at this link www.winerack.com
Overall I would have to give this little bottle of joy 4 kisses out of 5 for being easy going enough to sip by the pool, and complex enough to sip by the pool!
I don’t do this wine chatter enough!  I really need to get my priorities straight!
Pick one up today at your friendly neighbourhood Wine Rack!
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