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Posted by Admin1 on August 13, 2017
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Hi it’s me Sarah and Happy Taste of the Danforth weekend everyone!

I love living in our city where we celebrate diverse cultures and have access to limitless culinary experiences. I grew up not far from the Danforth and when I visit the neighbourhood, I feel comforted and at home.

I happen to be outside of the city right now but we can still celebrate with a summery Greek salad and a Greek inspired tomato tart.

For the salad, slice up some cucumber, tomatoes and red onion, Add feta cheese, olives (if you like them),olive oil, vinegar (I use apple cider or balsamic), oregano and salt/pepper. I had some baby spinach on hand so I threw some in as well.

I love olives but I realize not everyone feels the same way, you can leave them out or put them on half of the tart.

Set the oven to 350 degrees Celsius, if you’ve made the crust from scratch. I bought a pre-made one from the store and cooked from frozen so I set the oven to 400 degrees Celsius. For the tart, I purchased pie crust and folded it onto a flat pan. Cook the crust alone for about five to ten minutes, until it starts to brown.

Take it out and add the slices of tomatoes, kalamata olives, feta cheese. I sliced the tomatoes and stirred them up with a bit of olive oil and the oregano. You just want to use the actual slices of tomato and olive, the excess juice isn’t needed and would make the tart soggy. Bake the tart for about 20 minutes more, until the tomatoes soften and crust is cooked.

This recipe is super no-nonsense and a great way to try making tarts for those of us (like myself) that are a little wary of baking. This is approachable and fun to do.

I hope everyone in the city is having fun and enjoying their weekend, rain or shine!

I’m excited to see which wine Erik recommends to pair with this!


Hey, everyone!
Here is a fantastic wine to go with Sarah’s Greek food. And to keep with the theme for the weekend I, of course, chose a Greek wine. Now Greek wine is actually very difficult to find in most parts of the city and I had about a day to pick one out for you guys (Total Blaim On Bruce 👌) but I think I found just the right one so Here we go!

Boutari Moschofilero White – $13.25 LCBO
This wine is a that is about as Greek as it gets and it is an amazing quality white and a terrific value. The grape variety is named Moschofilero and it is a grape that is actually reddish when a grape but is made almost exclusively for dry white wine styles (with a few roses in production). The wine comes from the Peloponnese region in Greece and not found much elsewhere. Now to talk about what it tastes like and why I chose this as my pairing!
This dry white wine has a fantastic notes of citrus, green apple, melon, and some floral notes. On the palatte the wine is dry with mouthwatering acidity to help balance with the balsamic and vinegar in the tart. It has a nice creamy texture that gives it perception of a fuller body but it’s only at 11% alcohol which threw me off, this will help with the olive oil, tomato, and bread of the tart.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend and get a chance to try Sarah’s tarts! They sound great!

-Erik F.

Sarah Germani and Erik Fleming for Bruce in the City!

And of course we hope he gets better soon!

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