A Matter of Trust

Posted by Bruce on May 07, 2017
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A Poem:

A Matter of Trust

A lifetime of loves

The most sensitive of actions

The darkest moments of lust

A city was calling your name

so many dreams and victims and blames

You loved him and loved him and that one to

You loved him and loved him and loved just a few

A matter of Trust

After he takes you there

Did you believe the whispers that he kissed in your ear

He loved him and loved him but maybe not you

He covered your eyes to hide tears that were true

A Matter of Trust

A city unforgiving

the darkness

the shame

Did you think he would be there when you drowned in the rain

Your taken and painfully you open up

Showing him honestly you believe it is love

A Matter of Trust

There’s no need to be hurt

You danced with the demon or was he the saint

that showed you the truth and the test and the game

You think he did love you

or maybe still does

he listens

he winks

he blushes and such

A Matter of Trust

Time to stand on your own

It’s maybe you, You should love

Trust your bruised instinct

Instead of those whom you lust

A matter of truth

A Matter of Trust


by Bruce Christopher


I’ve been writing poetry for many years and hope you will forgive my indulgence. I feel sometimes that writing in these abstract moments some inner truth can surface. Sometimes there is nothing to learn but all the same expressing how ones heart is feeling can help a man in a precarious situation.









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