A Near CATastrophe!

Posted by Admin1 on July 03, 2011
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  It all began simple enough.  We go away to a fab cottage.  Cat sitter visits our home to feed, clean and read to our little darlings.  Which includes our little baby Simon Peter (our bunny).  Many people think we are a bit abundant with pet but we would not have it any other way.  They are our babies and we treat them like they are a kids.  In fact we call them our kids and they adorn the most delicious names, Prince Thomas, Prince Charlie, Lord Jasper and Queen Juliet.  I mentioned moments before Simon Peter our littlest one of them all.

Alas some people don’t hold dear the same deep affection that we have for our kids.  I learned this the hard way last weekend.  As you know we were relaxing at a fabulous cottage and left our big city cares to the wind.  Unfortunately they were waiting for us on the other side. 

I sent a quick facebook message to the person who would be tending to our pets over the weekend to find out how things were going.  Well that was when the news arrived very unwelcome email.  “Sorry could not get into your place, key not working.” mind you I got the email Sunday night and the key had not worked since Friday or it was lost or it was bent or the dog ate it.  Anyway whatever the reason I couldn’t help but wonder “Why the hell wouldn’t this person have sent me an email sooner or call a friend or buzz the super?” I could not get my head around it. 

Of course when we arrived home the litter was full. The cat dish was empty and the kids were pissed at us.  I don’t blame them.  It was our job to get the right person for the job and somehow we had failed.  We lavished them with love, kisses and food. We were all back on the road to recovery.

As for the person who was called upon to take on this adventure they could not even offer me the decency to have it out with me on the phone. A good vent, some clearing of the air was all that was needed and of course some serious gravelling.  I have no doubt something weird may have happened to the newly cut key but there is no reason on the planet that we were not contacted or that a plan B could not have happened. It’s all about creative thinking! Think outside the box baby!

Well readers lesson learned.  When you need to get the job done better to call in the pro’s.  so we did this week and I highly recommend them!!!!   Our new sitter came in and made our kids her own.  She signed our guest book, going into wonderful detail about her 2 hour visit with them.  It was a job well done and we are so appreciative

Thank you! 

No more CATastrophes for us and our babies!

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