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Posted by Bruce on June 22, 2018
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Brucesters! It’s Pride!

For the past 20 years Cafe California has played host to an annual event unlike no other. The event has brought many shapes and sizes but I still like my medium sized white ones! Don’t get me wrong, I have tons of yellow, black, and tan in array of sizes but I just keep my hands on that old reliable. Those white boxer briefs! Cafe California has been an important part of the backbone of the Church Street strip. Their underwear fashion show has brought the boys to the yard year after year. This week’s two day extravaganza stopped traffic and brought the house down. The community sadly lost an incredible drag queen, Chris Edwards, and I can’t imagine being the next female impersonator to step into Chris’s high heels. I think everyone would agree her shoes only fit one Queen, her supreme self. However I’m saying that you can’t mourn a loss forever and some brilliant Queen would have to step up to lead the pack. In sashays Sofonda Cox! A brilliantly funny female impersonator that brings it to the stage at every performance. Sofonda will be my special guest in the coming weeks to share her story with us. Today however I’m gonna focus on the boys! The underwear fashions for the show were courtesy of my favourite men’s shop in town, The Men’s Room, the prize destination for my Badass B.I.T.C Beard contest.
Jay is the new owner of Cafe California. Also, no easy understanding after the retirement of Latisha. The community loved her. People wonder in the dark corners of the gay ghetto whether this community go to would survive. After all Latisha WAS Cafe California. I always told her it should have been called Latisha’s! But then the old girl retired. I’m not sure we ever forgave her for leaving us but we understood.
So now Jay. I have to admit I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to change. I’m a loyal guy and I’m also very careful who I support in the village because it’s a sacred place to me and to many and the idea of someone running a business in the village just to empty our wallets alone doesn’t interest me at all. It’s one reason why I won’t eat at the burger shacks that have taken over. I’m not even convince they’re in it to support the community. I mean how many burgers can one homo eat. I digress. I stopped going to the cafe. I just wasn’t sure what this new owner’s motives were. What has he done to prove he is a supporter of the gay community? After a year of not eating at the Cafe I decided with a group of mates that we would attend the ever infamous Underwear Fashion show. The menu for the event was excellent. Though on revealing who I was Jay decided to offer me something special that was not on the evenings menu with some white wine. Okay, he had me at chicken souvlaki. I thought you sneaky little fellow. Tempting me with food. As if a bearded bear can be swayed by a delicious plate of Greek fare. I was still going to watch this man closely. Could I see it in his eyes? That sparkle Latisha used to have as Chris Edwards commanded the stage. It wasn’t the wine talking. He really seemed to be enjoying the sites and sounds of his business. Working the bar and being a significant presence in the restaurant. No hiding in the back like so many owners do. He was very generous all evening and made my little group of homos happy! It was there; the passion and the heart. I can honestly say I’ve been converted. I’ll always miss Latisha but I think she would be happy to see how Jay and his motley crew continue the legacy of a friend who even at this event many years later was on the lips of patrons. It was a great show. I think you got it Jay! Keep up the great work. The food was stellar. The wine divine and the laughs a dozen barrels! On a quick side note my partner said his Filet Mignon from your events menu was outstanding (though he did steal some of my chicken souvlaki).

Happy Pride


edited by Mary Ellen Monk

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