A tail from “The Bulldog Cafe”

Posted by Admin1 on July 31, 2011
Coffee Shops

You know I love to find the  little hot spots in the city.  This spot is no exception.  The summer is hot!  The Americano is hot  and so is this weeks high.  I decided to get out with the boys to catch up on some serious pal time.  The summer has been so busy and I haven’t really seen any body in a few weeks.  I’ve been staying away from the wine because it’s decided to build a vineyard in my right knee.  Not fun.  Uric acid is a son of a bitch! 

We made our way south on church, as we caught up on summer highlights, until we reached The bulldog cafe.  A popular coffee shop just south of Carlton.  The line was long and distinguished.  I looked at the menu and realized this was no “Tim’s”.  I started to get a little nervous because up until this moment my experience with coffee was “Small double double please”.  This menu was a smorgasbord of exotic flavours, like a “Mount Everest” I never dared to climb.  But now I’m stuck in this damn line up and I have no idea  what or how to order.  Of course my pals have ordered and are enjoying their what ever you call them coffee drinks already. 

I felt my pulse flutter, the sweat began to puddle on my brow and the line was getting longer behind me.  I had no idea people were so serious about this freaking bean.  The man from behind the counter pressured on what I would be having.  I squeaked “You pick”.  As I walked away I knew my coffee experience would never be the same.  I was right- this thing was like drinking hot molasses!  Just a few sips and my heart was racing!  I felt the sting of life flashing before my eyes and I wanted to sing “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” naked on the table top!  I was suddenly thrust into a full blown anxiety attack thanks to this “Americano Nightmare!” “Stop the rushes!” “Stop the rushes!”   The morphing of everyone’s faces into that of a bulldog and was that a tail I saw indicated immediately that I had enough of this liquid cocaine. 

Horrific!!!!!!! Well with my coffee bean high now a faint memory, I am pleased to announce that both of my pals found love this summer.  One found it in Romania and the other in Hamilton but one things for curtain, I should have ordered the Latte!




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