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Posted by Bruce on November 15, 2019
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Thank you for all your words of condolenses on the passing of my Grandmother. It’s been a source of comfort for sure. Please take a moment to read a poem I wrote in honour of such an important woman in my life.

Always In Your Corner

Florence,Flossie, Gram Forever encased in time.
As memories of her life unwind.
A pretty little girl from Bolingbrook with brothers and sisters on the farm.
When you’re young, it’s so hard to see.
How special it is just to be.
That in time, it will be your turn.
To share all life’s lessons learned.
Little Flossie had something inside. That no matter the challenge, she tried. Never leave your life to the fates. She loved. She laughed. She was great. There was a fire in this child’s eye,
Perseverance, Determination and Pride.
Her heart on her sleeve as she tried.
This pretty little girl from Bolingbrook grew to change lives on a dime.
A girl. A woman. A wife. A mother. A Grandmother. A Great Grandmother. A friend. A confidante. A Christian.
That’s a lot of titles to hold.
But my Grandmother was a champion of these, and that’s the story to be told.
I’m going to miss her so much as I know you all will to.
I’m always in your corner, she’d say.
And now I’m passing that sentiment from my heart to you.

I’ll always be in your corner.

Florence Mcghee
My beautiful Grandmother

Poem by Bruce Christopher

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