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Posted by Bruce on January 07, 2018
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I had another blog planned for today but at the last minute I decided to change my mind. I could have gone with my restaurant review but I’m still coming off of my holiday high and before I rip a local eatery a new one, I thought it might be nice to share one good story about outstanding customer service.
You may wonder why customer service is such an important career to me. Well that’s easy, I’ve been in customer service since I was 18 and I have always tried to give the best service I can. I worked for some tough companies that expect the best and I have always delivered. Sometimes to the point of breakdown which, thankfully has only happened twice in my long and distinguished career. Unfortunately, I’m one of those people pleasers that companies burn out because I’m usually always giving way more then my counter part and yet they still push, push, push. Such is the life of an elf but when I actually experience or hear of some wonderful act of customer service I get excited because the art of great customer service is as cold and dead as the Canadian winters.
But just when you think no one cares out there in retail land you come across a shining light that returns hope to the weary shopper.
This happened to my mom this past Christmas season. We have a pretty new tradition that she started only a few short years ago. I love Christmas tree decorations a lot and so my mom, over the years, has bought me some of the cutest decorations I have on my tree. Well this year she had her sights set on a super cute Wonder Woman tree ornament that Hallmark released. I have several from their collection from John. Yes, I’m spoiled. But anyway, this year to my mom’s dismay the ornament box had been damaged and there was no way she would give a gift in a damaged box. It wouldn’t have bothered me but my mom is a stickler for detail and quality so she told Sue, the customer service ambassador at this particular Hallmark, that sadly she wouldn’t be taking the Wonder Woman tree ornament. Well Sue took my mom’s name and number and said leave it with her. Now typically this is the kiss of death because most people would have filed that under “Garbage” and she would have never been heard from again. But you know this Sue called around to other locations until she found that box or a brand new one since this was her last one in shop that she had. And not long before Christmas this real life customer service Wonder Woman called my mom with the great news that my ornament was ready for pick up. Now this may seem like a small thing to do but at Christmas when I got to open that special little box with my mom at my tree side, it was no small moment. That is what Christmas is all about (well aside from baby Jesus). But you know I’ll never forget that Wonder Woman and I hope Hallmark doesn’t forget her either. She really cared and that meant the world to my mom and it meant the world to me.

Thank you Sue!


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