A “Wynne”d for Change

Posted by Bruce on January 28, 2013
Politics Really?

As you may be able to tell from my writings over the past two years, I am NOT a political junkie.  Quite frankly, I really don’t care who is running the city, province or country as long as I can still check out the hotties passing me on the street without being thrown in the klincker.  I mean, everyone has to have a pass time and mine is admiring God’s creation as only I can….. and should!

Today, however, things for our province have become significantly more rainbow coloured.  The Liberal Party of Ontario has not only elected a women to run the party (the second time for them to do so) but more importantly an openly gay female (a MAJOR first for our country!) and to boot, as they are the party in power, our first gay woman Premier!  Talk about historical!

To think that some 30 years have passed since Toronto held the first pride parade, forward to today our province being able to say that we are the inclusive society that we have been attempting to promote ourselves as.  That is not to say that the battle has come to an end- in all honesty this is a step, a significant step, but still a step in the evolution of the human race in our little province.  Ms. Wynne has said, and rightly so that she doesn’t want the focus being on her sexuality and it shouldn’t.  A long time ago Pierre Trudeau commented to the fact that the government has no need to stick its nose in the bedrooms of Canadians, and neither does its citizens except on this point – as an openly gay man who has gone through life without “real” gay heroes to look up to we, in Ontario, now have one.  Kathleen Wynne, by virtue of who she is, is now the Premier-Designate of Ontario and a modern day hero to the likes of you and me, she is a human being, that is female by birth (through no creation of her own), well educated (through hard work and determination) that just happens to be gay.  In her new position, I wish Ms. Wynne well.

Sitting on this side of the t.v. screen though, I must admit, that I wish I had been there, to be one of the group that said we need to move the needle those few notches that it DID move last night and change our part of the world that little bit more for the good of all.  Maybe its time to become a bit more of a political animal if it means that some young man or woman in the future can feel a little more secure with who they are and not have to keep looking over their shoulder worry about their little secret getting out and ruining their lives.

We have been given this “Wynne”d for change – now it’s our turn to make one too!


ps: Thanks to JPS for helping me get this into cyber space!

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