Act Your Age!

Posted by Admin1 on November 21, 2010

I hear often, people saying to other people “Why don’t grow up and act your age.” Normally this comment comes when a person has done something that would be considered immature, in bad taste or maybe during an argument when someone isn’t responding in a dignified manner. Maybe stomping of feet or calling of names or just choosing to sit in silence as a declaration like a child that refuses to respond to a demand from a parent. 

I think it’s a strange thing to say to someone.  Simply because the word “act” implies that the person would be behaving in a way that doesn’t truly represent his or her true nature anyway.  If I have to act my age than I am not my age.  Thank God I choose on the most part to not act an age.  I haven’t quite figured out what that means to act ones age.

As I get older it’s amazing how many limitations on behaviour people start placing on you.  Maybe a few years ago I could tell a joke or twist a tail for example to get a chuckle and now people look down on the silliness of it.  I admire comedians because in a way they never have to act their age.  If they started doing that they would be out of a wonderful career and imagine how sad we would all be if they had listened to comments like that in the first place.  No comedians, scary!

Imagine all the movies, music, books that are all inspired for adults to escape from being adults, gone.  When your out buying that perfect pair of shoes or when you buy those tickets for that musical or concert are you not embarrassing the child inside you? 

There is a wonderful children’s bookstore on Mount Pleasant I visited recently to pick out a story book for the daughter of a good friend of mine.  It was her birthday and I had remembered how much books meant to me as a kid.  Stories like James and the Giant Peach, Alice in Wonderland, Blubber, Huck Finn, Peter Pan and I thought people don’t buy kids enough books.  It’s always some game or mindless toy.  Seriously try a children’s book once in a while you will be amazed at how they respond to it. 

I look slowly around the room at all the books. Ages baby to teen all represented in the written word and I couldn’t help but notice all the other adults there.  Wide eyed looking, choosing, remembering the memories from long ago. Their childhoods flashing before there eyes.  There was a youthful look on the faces of the Dads the Moms, the Uncles and Aunts that shopped this magical little store. 

They were transformed if even for a moment.  I could see it.  I certainly was myself and I knew I wasn’t alone.  Have you ever seen “You’ve Got mail”? Well this is the little shop around the corner for sure!  As you go around the room you can find your way around with ease.  Not like some of those monster stores where you can’t ever seem to find anything.  Oops did I just say that out loud?

I did find a wonderful book perfect for my best friends daughter.  When she came for a visit I was able to read it to her before she left with it under arm.  It was amazing and the kid in me was filled with joy that day.  Enjoy your book Kaylee!! I will have to take you and your mom there for a visit soon!

Stop acting your age and start acting alive!

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  • Great post, Bruce!
    I am no stranger to the comment; “act your age”. I really believe comments like that are usually made by those who are jealous of others who live life youthfully. Apparently, if you are having fun and enjoying life to its fullest, you are deemed irresponsible or not serious enough.
    I understand that there are moments that are “no laughing matter”, but after all laughter is the best medicine.


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