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  • Thanks Alex, I’m looking forward to posting future stories. No stone will be left unturned! Cheers! Let The Truth Unfurl!

  • I am so thoroughly excited to finally sit down and read your blog, well truth be told in extremely excited to finally be sitting but your blog is equally as enjoyable 🙂 I can hardly wait for Sundays blog…**cue dramatic music**…and as I promised I will definitely check out the Thai restaurant that you recommend, Thai food is my secret passion (ssh our little secret you better not tell my bf or he might get jealous)…anywho..Congratulations on a fantastic first blog someone needed to keep it real and who better to do that than you!
    kisses xxx

  • I definitely think we need more sensitive people in this world. I’m not saying that we should walk on eggshells around others, but really stop and think before you speak. People can be so inconsiderate at times. This is absolutely one of my pet peeves!

    Great blog here, Bruce! Love how you put in your two cents while enjoying a scrumptious meal. Will definitely try some of the eateries you recommend. Keep up the good work!


  • Who knew wine and a hairdressing appointment could go hand in hand? Hmm, something to try out. Thanks for the idea! (Hope you’re enjoying your week…)

  • I do love a movie and grilled cheese 😉 But you make the city sound so enticing, I might have to slip out of the countryside one night soon. A show at the Canon and strolling the area before is our favourite. Thanks for the tips Bruce, keep on bloggin! 🙂

  • Great post, Bruce!
    I am no stranger to the comment; “act your age”. I really believe comments like that are usually made by those who are jealous of others who live life youthfully. Apparently, if you are having fun and enjoying life to its fullest, you are deemed irresponsible or not serious enough.
    I understand that there are moments that are “no laughing matter”, but after all laughter is the best medicine.


  • That’s a wicked way of putting it, a “jigsaw puzzle.”

    I’m so happy to hear you guys had a good (extra long!) weekend… we’ll have to see about making some really nice weekends later on this coming year as well! 🙂

  • Oh dear Bruce…I think it’s called winter doldrums. It will pass…hang in there. Your blogs are excellent…keep it up!!!

  • Don’t give up on your blog! I love reading your thoughts of the week. Keep ’em comin’!

  • Bruce, you know I love ya… but I’m gonna give it to you straight up, as you know that’s how I operate.

    Having so much time to sit at home and think… is not good for anyone. Honestly, after you start working life, any interruption can mess you up.

    Also, you being you… well, you think you’re the center of the universe, and you are… to yourself! … And maybe John, he’s good like that 😉

    My point is that I’m sure a lot of your friends have THOUGHT about calling, because they genuinely care about you. Their lives being a lot busier than yours at the moment, what with job/kids/etc, they might have put it off and their good intention might have been wasted.

    Don’t hold it against them, my friend…

  • <p>Ok so you know I have to comment on your comment Alex! I am actually very pleased you decided to tell it like it is dear boy because you have proven a very interesting point I was trying to make in one of my earlier blogs “Insensitive vs. Sensitive @ the Grand Hive” First you have to ask yourself an honest question and that question is… “Would I consider myself the sensitive type or the less than sensitive type?” Neither one of your answers would be wrong of course but it would cause for a very different responce when encountered with disappointment wouldn’t it? You see my point in the previous article was it always seems that the people who are always making comments like the one you chose to make today are people lets say that are a bit cooler when it comes to the touchy feeling emotional stuff. You would never hear a more sensitive person make a comment like you have. Not that it’s wrong but you would get something more along the lines like “That’s too bad” or “I can’t believe they didn’t call!” I guess my point is, it would be nice that if just once an insensitive person “respectfully” could take themselves out of their own cold excistance for a moment to recognize some people do care wether or not they get acknowledged when feeling under the weather. Unfortunately however that is the paradox that keeps the Insensitive vs. Sensitive at odds. The sensitive will never stop getting hurt by those insensitive types but when the shit hits the fan the insensitve have no problem using our shoulders to finally cry on! Thanks for your post! :o)</p>

  • Bruce, I have not forgotten you!
    Please accept my apology for not showing my concern. I hope you are doing much better and I look forward to seeing you back at work. I miss your smiling face!

    Talk soon,

  • That’s frigging heartbreaking man, I feel really strongly about this issue as well.

    I think abuse of elderly people is the truest form of the kind of behaviour that gets a person called “scum,” and deservedly so!

  • Thank you Alex for your comment. It is heart breaking. It feels incredible when one is able to step in and make a change.

  • Wow!!! I am going to throw a hissy fit more often!!! I got more comments on this blog than any other so far! Clearly you all like when I’m bitching away!!!! LOL!

  • Natalie thank you for coming to my show!!! We are looking forward to performing again this fall. Lets not think about fall yet!

  • Hi Bruce – I have read a couple of your blogs and enjoyed them. So I am curious – where exactly do you work? I liked your blog on the city. I love downtown Toronto and having grown up there have strolled down Yonge St. many times after dark. It is enchanting is it not? Remember walking the street with Chrisitne at like 2 to 4 in the morning while she was in labour with Carley. The labour kept stopping so we were trying to keep it going. Didn’t work but we had some good walks. Amazing how many people are still out and about all night long in the downtown area.

  • Great Blog Bruce….Thanks again. What happened to the very talented, beautiful, sexy, mysterious Sinead?? I didn’t recognize her. Food and things can’t fill the void, because she starting to look like a landfill…The pearl has been removed from her oyster. The only way she can get her luster back is with a grain of sand just one little grain of sand.

  • I read your blog each week and it makes me laugh. I don’t usually have a comment and sometimes I get a few weeks behind but I catch up quickly. I miss seeing you and wish it could happen more often. I can always count on having a good time when you are around and my cheeks usually end up hurting from laughing and smiling so much!
    I’m very proud to say we are family!

  • Marcie is our big Winner (wine contest) as she had the courage, even with her challenge to know great wine to post her proud vino choice! Your gift card is on it’s way baby!!!!!! Just promise me you will go directly to the Vintage section and have the wine consultant choose something for you!!! Much love!!! xo

  • Bruce Christopher Ok! My first day looks like this! Sunday Breakfast: Black Tea, pear Snack: Black Tea, One tea cookie Snack: Handful of Popcorn, Handful of Nibbs, Ice Tea Dinner: Ceaser Salad (no bacon or croutons) two small pieces of breshette and a glass of red wine. Not perfect but a good start.

    Bruce Christopher Day 2: Breakfast-Rice Crispy’s w/milk, 1 toast w/jam and peanut butter, black tea Lunch: Salmon w/ turnup and brussel sprouts, kiwi juice Dinner: Chicken w/ brocli & cheese w 1/2 can diet coke Dessert: Judgicle 80 cals Thats it for today!!!

  • Bruce Christopher Day 2: Breakfast-Rice Crispy’s w/milk, 1 toast w/jam and peanut butter, black tea Lunch: Salmon w/ turnup and brussel sprouts, kiwi juice Dinner: Chicken w/ brocli & cheese w 1/2 can diet coke Dessert: Judgicle 80 cals Thats it for today!!!

  • Bruce Christopher Day 3: It was a much more difficult day! You guys don’t know how uch I used to consume!!! So this is still very good for me!! Breakfast: Black tea, 2 toast w peanut butter and jam Lunch: salad w steak diet pepsi Dinner: Tuna salad sandwhich and glass of white! hey this normally ends with a large pizza!!!!

  • Bruce Christopher Day 4: So as the week goes I am getting a bit more creative to have meals that are healthy and exciting. Brunch: Toasted tomatoe sandwhich w/ glass of milk No Lunch: Dinner: App: Home made Fresh Healthy Cabbage Soup by Irene Leung from Port Dover On. Thanks for the great recipe! If you guys want it let me know!! Main Course: Sweet Orange Chicken Stir Fri on a bed of lettuce by Debrah Bashford , Cherry Valley On. Thanks Debrah for the lovely dish!!! I had a snack today which was a bowl of fruit w/ a tiny bit of wip creme! I just had to. Dessert: Chocale pudding low fat!!!

  • Seems like you are doing well. David and I have joined weight watchers and have been counting points for a week now. We have our first weigh in on Saturday morning so wish us luck!

  • Bruce Christopher Day 5: Breakfast: Creme of wheat w/​fruit smoothy Lunch: Paninni (steak,cheese,horseradish) V8 Snack: Pudding, Grape Apple Juice Dinner: Fruit Bowl w/a few cheese cubes and Veggie’s platter. Glass of red!

  • I weighed in today and will post my first week tomorrow!!! All the best! It’s not easy!!!! We can do it!!! Thanks for reading!

  • Bruce Christopher Day 5: Breakfast: Tea (black) piece of toast Lunch: Stir fry veggies w/chicken Dinner: Spag w/meat sauce Difficult day am away at bro’s hard to say no but did ok with portion control!

  • Bruce Christopher Day 6: Breakfast: Missed Breakfast Lunch: BBQ Hamburger diet coke. Dinner: Garden salad w green tea! I weighed myself this morning and will post how I did this week on my Blog tomorrow!

  • Our first weigh in I was down 4.5 lbs and Dave was down 5 lbs. Its hard but we’re still plugging away. Good luck to you. Waiting for the post.

  • Sometimes it’s hard to be honest with those that we know will judge. But keep in mind it is only one opinion and you have a life full of people that love you for being exactly who you are!
    Congratulations on the weight loss!

  • This is just a small part of a wonderful email I received. It means so much!

    Dear Friend,

    Your blog made me cry. Just think about all the various conversations you have held with others over a hot cup of tea. I find tea comforting.

    Thanks for being in my corner. I need you.

    Love always

  • Update on Teany the restaraunt:

    Bad news for all those tea drinking vegans on the lower east side.

    Late last week, Teany Cafe — an NYC vegan eatery co-founded by Moby — was destroyed in a fire. According to reports, an electrical fire ignited the vegan restaurant and gutted the building on Rivington Street.

    Moby opened the joint in 2002 with this his then girlfriend Kelly Tisdale, and later turned it over to Tisdale exclusively.

    On his blog, Moby wrote:

    ”Apparently Kelly is working hard to repair it and get it re-opened. So there’s a good chance that Teany will re-open at some point in the next month or two.”

    Woo! We’re happy to hear that the veggie restaurant will once again stand tall. Oh wait…I mean stand “Teany.”

  • Happy Canada and Pride weekend to u too, Bruce get out and fly your colors, just wish I could make the parade this yr it’s so much fun. Cheers to the weekend….. Luv Jenn

  • Unlike you, I AM an avid reader. However I am not a biography reader so depending on the book will depend on whether or not I will join you. Good luck and enjoy.

  • I understand. Many are not but it is an interesting read. I love the aspect of the artist’s journey. I am already thinking “What will I choose next?” Until then I read on. B.

  • Can’t wait for your return! If you’re looking for another great book you should read Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult. It was excellent!

  • Have a great Summer! I will keep your suggestion in mind! I have Septembers book chosen but possibly yours for October?

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