“Addicted to His Liquid Sugar”

Posted by Bruce on August 04, 2013
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It’s another sunny day in Toronto.  Many peeps have been complaining about the weather this Summer but I think it’s been great. It’s been many years since I can remember the grass staying green all season.  I like it. Ok well that’s my blog for this week. No I’m kidding

My blog hit a new milestone recently, now with just over 4000 registered readers. I never go on to much about it because it’s just not like me to brag! Wink nudge! However! I’m pretty stoked about it.  Feel free to congratulate me! One thing I gotta ask you guys “Why so shy?” Seriously! I love your emails and comments however, I would love them even more if you would brave up and post them directly onto my blog! I would love to get more of a dialogue going with you guys and if you don’t like my opinion or something like that, I won’t get mad. I’ll just get even! I joke! Keep your thoughts coming regardless and remember you can always join me on Twitter and Facebook!   https://www.facebook.com/BruceintheCityChristopher & https://twitter.com/BruceintheCity

Ok so this week was a hard one! I’ve been doing my ongoing series “Breath of a Dream” This week marks the last article in this series and so who was I going to choose for my review this week? It wasn’t easy because I’m always meeting super kool people and want to write about them all but this week one family owned business made it to “Bruce in the City-Let the Truth Unfurl”

His name was Ben! He was in the booth next to the one I was helping out at, at “The John Street Market” At first, I had to admit, I hardly noticed him. His broad shoulders, those strong farmers legs, his Elvis Presley grin. Didn’t even see him standing there, really. I was way to busy pushing my buddies Italian sausage (made from organic chicken from Fiddlehead Farm, check my blog roll for more info.)

rising starIt wasn’t until he flashed me that “Hetero Sexual, Married Smile” that I thought “What is this guy selling?” I glanced over and smiled back. I can be somewhat shy to you know. It’s not easy being a famous blogger. So much pressure. So much typing but today I wasn’t a blogger. I wasn’t a former C.N.E Rising Star Grand Champion 1990 sporting a very unnecessary “Duran Duran” hair style. I was simply “Bruce”

I walked up to him and said “Oh you sell Maple Syrup?”  In that moment I realized I was flirting with the enemy. You see. I have a secret addiction to maple syrup all my life. When I was a kid I could put maple syrup on everything. It made me crazy with sugar love and up until this moment I thought the great craving was gone for ever.  I kept repeating to myself “Walk away from the syrup!” But you know I couldn’t. I took a sip from the Devils sippy cup.  It was worse than I feared. It was mellow, delicious buttery sugar and all natural!  I looked into his eyes as I swallowed it and he began to tell me the history of his families maple syrup business.

It all started with his Great Grandfather in 1915.  Grooming those trees and milking them for their sap.  He explained how syrup was made and why so many people are so turned off by maple syrup. Why? Because the large manufacturing companies rush the process and over heat their syrup causing a terrible after taste. Maple syrup is like wine, it has to be prepared with specific accuracy to get it just right.  They definitely do it right.

It had the most wonderful taste. Pure unadulterated syrup.  He had a passion for his family business and the perfect country boy personality to really sell it.  As he text the afternoon away, in between clients. to his wife,  I couldn’t help but be taken back to a simpler time. When loyalty and quality really did come first.

Well, I was in love and “Addicted to His Liquid Sugar”  but this time there was no bitter after taste!!

5 kisses out of 5


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Disclaimer: No heterosexuals were mistreated or converted during the writing of this weeks blog.

Next Sunday!!!! What downtown restaurant refused my friends and I service?

note: Peoples names may be changed to respect privacy. The companies are real. BWC Management


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