Advent and Fiddles and Kilts… Oh my!

Posted by Bruce on December 04, 2011
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Happy Advent everyone!!! Not many people celebrate Advent anymore. Seems like their too wrapped up in wrapping gifts and greeting each other with Merry Christmas (or I’m sorry the politically correct or as I like to say the repugnant secular greeting Happy Holidays) so early to realize, Christmas actually starts on the 25Th of December. You know the 12 days of Christmas? So if we do it correctly, Christmas would be from the DEC 25Th to January 6Th. Advent dates back to the 900’s A.D. In recent times the most common observance of Advent outside church circles has been the keeping of an advent calendar or advent candle with one door being opened in the calendar, or one section of the candle being burned, on each day in December leading up to Christmas Eve. The keeping of an advent wreath is also a common practice, with four or five candles extending from the wreath. The colours associated with the candles are variously interpreted and is a wonderful way to keep the whole Christmas Season in perspective. I mean if your going to bother celebrating Christmas you might as well know a little bit of the part that gets the whole thing rolling.

It’s in this spirit that I ended up attending a stunning Christmas concert this past week by the Oakham House Choir of Ryerson University. The director of music is Mathew Jaskiewicz. The choir was founded in 1985 (as a fan of the Micheal Jackson clock this means 3 years after Thriller and 1 year before Bad, good times) The choir does 2 major concerts a year and I was lucky enough to catch the first performance of the season. The concert was at Christ Church Deer Park. I never saw any deer or a park but that didn’t seem to matter to any of us. I dragged my wheel chair bound mother in law “to be” kicking and screaming (not really) to an inconvenient spot just behind the camera man. I only mention the wheel chair to point out that the lady usher did her best to bag us off to the side so we were not in anyone’s way. We spent the whole performance swaying back and forth trying to see past the outdated recording equipment. The concert was really great and my pal Laura who performs in the choir was stunning. John was asked to turn pages for the organist for the evening William Madox, and did so wonderfully.

After all is said and done and as we barely escaped the burn of the spot lights and got over our motion sickness, and escaped the prancing and pawing of each little “camera mans steal toed boots” We needed a drink and maybe a bite? Where oh where would we take our joyous moods to bathe in the nectar of the holiday gods. We needed just the spot to run the whole production down Of course you know that is what other singers and music directors do!

Tonight’s travels wouldn’t take us far from the performance place. The corner of Yonge and Heath. The Fox and the Fiddle. A fairly popular chain of Scottish fanfare. The night went off without a hitch but I have to tell you just a couple of tables over from us sat a person we just loathed thanks to his being part of John’s demise at the Dis-figuration on Manor Road. That of course will be another story. I have yet the stomach to let that one out of the bag. I will however and it will feel so good to just blow the doors wide open on that one. I digress, back to the Fiddle!

I actually stopped by the place twice this week, the first time with Johns Organ coach. Did I ever mention John is an Organist and choir director? Currently freelancing around the city. I ended up ordering the Asian chicken salad. It was simply delicious. I had to start however with the french Onion Soup, I have had better!

I hate to say it but I weighed in this past week at 195 lbs ouch!!!! I haven’t weighed that much since living where the peeps have no teethBelleville” I joke. Anyway 195, so I am now on a mission to get back down to my beauty weight of 175. I am ordering more salads these days so I’ll keep you posted. We have been sneakin off to the gym to. For God sake don’t tell anyone they will wait with baited breath to see us fail!

As for the Fox and the Fiddle, it’s decor is typical Scottish pub set in a cosy atmosphere equipped with all the short kilts one can handle. And that’s just the patrons. We ordered a couple of 1/2 liters of vino because oddly enough they don’t sell bottles….. I pause for you to catch your breath. I never new of a restaurant that doesn’t serve wine by the bottle. I thought us Scottish people liked our drink or does that only apply to single malt scotch?

The service was good but I did find it odd when another server not our own randomly came up to discuss Black Friday” and went on to tell us how people got trampled at Walmart in the states. Like I cared, what happens at Wally World. I simply fanned her away like an Asian ladybug.

OK so that’s it! Pretty good food, pretty good service and some unwanted entertainment. That in a chestnut seemed to be The Fox and the Fiddle!!!! Until next week keep wrapping!!!!!

Out of 5 kisses the FOX gets 4!!!!!!!!!!

4 big wet kisses!

One request can someone ask the patrons, not to bend over, to tie their boots!

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