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Posted by Bruce on November 10, 2019
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There’s nothing more fun than going to see a drag show in your local gay village or gay bar, depending on what your city or town has available. When I first moved to Toronto, I couldn’t wait until Friday or Saturday night to see the drag shows at Crews and Tangos, still the best place to see drag in the city. I watched the fellows dazzle onlookers! A couple of times, I was even invited behind the curtain and witnessed first hand the “Tuck & Go.” Like anything, though, you can’t fully appreciate the present if you don’t know the past. Here’s a quick history lesson for you. Drag style!

Carlotta Carlisle jewelry by Alan Anderson
Ms. Huntington Fox?

It all began in the theatre that the term “drag” is believed to have originated. When the straight men played female roles, they would supposedly discuss how their costume dresses would “drag” across the floor. … “See now, I thought it was referring to when the cops would drag those poor naked boys out of the local bathhouse!” You’re never too brilliant to learn. It wasn’t until the vaudeville days that the first official well-known drag queen Julian Eltinge dazzled onlookers with her heels and knickers in an uproar. Omg! I’ve never had a chance to get my heels or knickers in an uproar! I can see it now. Um, flawless!

Ms. Turtling?

Michelle DuBarry is the stage name of Russell Alldread, an iconic Canadian drag queen, who was awarded the title of World’s Oldest Performing Drag Queen by the Guinness Book of World Records, in 2015. However, the distinction was disputed by another performer, who was subsequently awarded the title in 2016. What a bitch! Of course, everyone loves DuBarry, but it’s always a good thing to get those aspiring stocking loving boys up on that stage and click those heels. 

Empress Michelle Dubarry

One of my personal favs is Carlotta Carlisle! She is really just so much fun. Clearly, I would be so much attractive in drag then she is, but I wouldn’t tell her that!

Carlotta Carlisle!
Ms. Cross Fitness?

It’s been amazing to watch her evolve and grow in her craft. Originally hailing from Newfoundland, Carlisle describes herself as “I am an old school glamour girl with the mouth of Sophia Petrillo.”

Carlotta Carlisle!

Of course, I responded with, “Well, I’m as productive as a Hoover vacuum cleaner. What’s your point?” Gawd Drag Queens, it’s always gotta be about them!

Ms. Flammable Sleaves?

Carlisle is known in his private circle, simply as Joey, he’s been doing drag for just over 12 years, He gets his inspiration from old Hollywood sirens and glamorous socialites. Everyone from Daisy Fellows to Alexis Carrington! Carlotta loves glamour, and all that goes with it, feathers, furs, beads, but nothing glitters more on this Queen than the jewelry! She wears jewelry from one of the most talented artisans of antique jewellers, Alan Anderson. I’ve posted my article on Alan Anderson, that I wrote several years back at the end of this article.

Carlotta Carlisle!

Carlotta Carlisle is a regular on Church Street, and that’s just at Steamworks, but seriously, this fabulous Diva is also busy travelling the country doing both public and private events. You can also find her at the Voss Events drag brunch at the rec room with a bevy of local beauties and a rotation of RuPaul’s drag race stars! She’s currently single! I have no idea how that could be possible. She must want to be because she is just so delectable!

Carlotta Carlisle!

But not as delectable as me. I just think honesty is the best policy, really. Just clears the head to shoot it out there! You know, but she tries!

Ms Huntington Fox….

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Carlotta Carlisle performance schedule:

Monday: 9 at Crews and Tangos

Tuesday: 9 at Crews and Tangos

Wednesday: 11 at Woody’s

Sunday: 6 at Woody’s

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